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Dealing with unwanted body hair can be rather annoying without the help of a professional that knows what they are doing. Yet it’s not always viable (or affordable) to pay for hair removal treatments any time you need to deal with some unwanted hair, which is why so many opt to do it at home.

Removing body hair at home is often easier said than done however! There are various options, all of which have their own pros and cons that may make them worthwhile, so it can be quite helpful to know what your choices are when it comes to home hair removal!

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Preparation Tips

Always exfoliate – regardless of how you intend on removing the hair, you should always prepare in advance by exfoliating the area 24 hours before your treatment. Doing so ensures dead skin cells are removed, resulting in a much cleaner hair removal while also preventing the chances of ingrown hairs developing.

Clean and clear skin – right before you start removing the hair, ensure that the skin is clean as possible. This includes oils and moisturisers, as you don’t want these present on the skin during hair removal.


The most common form of home hair removable, shaving is great for removing underarm hair and leg hair. It’s quick, cheap, and easy to do, and there’s no requirements for hair length prior to shaving.

However, be mindful that the hair regrowth can be rather fast as well, often coming in much darker and coarser. There’s a good chance it will itchy as well, and you can cut yourself if not enough care is taken.

Be sure to invest in a quality razor that has either multiple blades or a moisturizing strip and some shaving gel for the best results.


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Waxing at home is a much more cost-effective way to remove hair than going for a professional wax, and the results can be just as effective if done correctly. For instance, even a home wax can remove the hair at the root, resulting in hair-free skin for much longer than most other methods.

Better still, frequent waxing may reduce the strength of the hair follicle, resulting in much thinner and lighter hair regrowth. You can also wax virtually any area of your body -providing you are brave enough!

One of the most notable cons about home waxing is that it you will have to let the hair grow to a certain length for it to be effective, meaning you may have to endure the hair for several weeks prior to removal. It can also be quite painful, but the more often you do it the easier it should become.


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While technically not removing any hair, you are removing the visibility of it by reducing the colour to make if fair less notable. This makes it quite popular for problematic areas such as the upper lip and chin, arms, and stomach where other forms of removal isn’t the best idea.

Still, bleaching from home is simple to do and won’t cost much, plus it’s usually the most pain-free option for home hair removal – as long as you follow the instructions!

Also, if your hair is quite thick and coarse, bleaching may not be too effective at making it less visible.

Home Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal creams that are applied to the skin are a very handy form of hair removal as they are pain-free and straight-forward to do. While great for removing hair, especially in areas such as the legs, arms, underarms, and bikini line, the creams take some time to apply and take effect, so aren’t the best if you are short on time!

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