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Planet Fitness is one of the emerging health and fitness club franchises on the market. This is most likely due to their unique take on the fitness market. While it features the standard fitness equipment, along with personal trainers to help you out, one of its focal points is that Planet Fitness is targeted toward a more casual or novice gym-goer. This is someone who prefers a more open and friendly environment, and one that is judgment-free. Better still, you can see all that the gym has to offer by taking advantage of the handy Planet Fitness guest pass. These can be obtained with a promotional code, or through a friend or family member who already has a Planet Fitness membership. The guest pass permits a free trial of a local club and all of its amenities.

Planet Fitness Guest Pass Highlights

  • You can acquire a $20 one-day guest pass by just walking into any Planet Fitness Location.

Obtaining a Planet Fitness Guest Pass

  • You can also acquire a Free Trial Pass by tagging along with a member who is currently a Black Card Member.

Planet Fitness Memberships

Planet Fitness Logo

Due to the cheap pricing of Planet Fitness memberships, it is generally not worthwhile to obtain a one-day pass for $20, since their Top tier Black Card membership is only $19.99. It is advisable to chat with a Planet Fitness associate who can guide you through your options as a guest member. One option could be to try out the gym for a month as a Black Card Member, instead of opting for the one-day pass.

The Black card membership itself only costs $19.99/month, and you get the privilege to also take your friends and family members, as this membership includes an Unlimited Guest Pass for friends and family. If you are absolutely against committing, then the $20 one-day pass may be the option for you. It works great to find a friend or acquaintance who is already a “Black Card” member at Planet Fitness. You can accompany him/her to the gym free of cost.

Planet Fitness Promotional Codes

You can also find deals at certain websites that offer promotional codes that can enter on their website. A free Planet Fitness guest pass is one of many promotional codes they can use to save an incredible amount of money trying out the services of the health club.

Obtaining a Planet fitness free pass is the perfect way to get a taste of just how suitable this fitness club could be for you, especially if you are a relatively new gym user, as this is the main target demographic of Planet Fitness.

Straight off the bat, Planet Fitness is known for its incredible value for money membership fees. A basic membership costs only $10. This is very competitive, and most will struggle to find a health club with as competitive prices as Planet Fitness. Even with additional annual fees, there is nowhere with rates as low as this. Planet Fitness oftentimes offers joining promotions that reduce more fees, such as the current offer, lasting for two days, which reduces the start-up fee to just $1 down.

Basic and Premium Membership

Planet Fitness likes to keep things simple, and they offer only two membership types. The basic is the $10 per month option, although a premium black card membership can be acquired for only $19.99 – it even has a deal that there is no start-up fee for this type of membership. Even at this increased price, it is still an incredible value. You also get access to every franchise (there are over 1,800 after all!), but that is not all.

Planet Fitness Guess Pass Teen Summer Challenge

Another way to get a free Planet Fitness guest pass is if you are between the ages of 15 and 18. Currently, during the summer of 2019, Planet Fitness is running its Teen Summer Challenge promotion. Starting May 15, and running through September 1, teens between 15 and 18 can work out at Planet Fitness totally free! There are no commitments required, and no secret catches. They also have the opportunity to enter to win a $15,000 scholarship or other cool prizes. If you’re under 18, you do need to have a parent or guardian with you to sign up for the challenge.

Other Planet Fitness Offers 

Another great thing about Planet Fitness is that even with a membership, they offer promotions where you get other cool free perks. For example, their current promotion is that through August 31, all Planet Fitness members get 2 free months of Audible (an audiobook service), plus $10 to Amazon.com when you become a paying Audible.com member. Planet Fitness runs deals like this all the time for its members, so you definitely get a lot from your membership.

One of the more prominent features of Planet Fitness is the extra amenities that they offer along with the standard exercise equipment. While there is plenty of cardio equipment along with free weights and the like, they also have a significant number of services, such as tanning beds, massage chairs, and hydro massages. Non-black card members can still use these, but they will come at extra costs, so for the extra $9.99 per month, you can be sure that you will be getting plenty extra for the small additional fee.

Why Try Planet Fitness?

You might still be wondering, “Why should I join Planet Fitness?” or “Why should I even waste my time trying a Planet Fitness guest pass, even if it is free?” Well, there are many different reasons.

1. Open 24 hours

Most Planet Fitness locations are open 24 hours. If your location is not, they’re most likely open for most of the day and night. They strive to work around your schedule, rather than making you fit them into yours.

2. Free fitness training

Planet Fitness has certified trainers in their gym. They can help you if you’re a complete beginner needing a little guidance on how to use the equipment, or if you’re looking for someone to help you come up with the perfect workout routine for you.

3. Clean and Spacious Gyms

Keeping the gym clean is a top priority for Planet Fitness and its staff. Everything is always squeaky-clean: the front desk, the equipment, the bathrooms, and the locker room. You’ll even regularly see the staff cleaning equipment off, pretty much every time you’re in there.

4. Tons of Equipment

Planet Fitness offers a variety of equipment, so you’re bound to find something that works for you. They have brand-name weights, cardio equipment, and strength equipment.

5. Judgment-free Zone

Being a judgment-free zone is Planet Fitness’ #1 priority. It’s what they’re known for! You never have to be nervous to walk into Planet Fitness. They strive to provide a comfortable and safe environment for everyone who steps inside.

6. Friendly Staff

An added perk is that everyone who works at Planet Fitness is friendly and courteous. These people genuinely love their job and want to be there, and it shows! They’re always willing to assist you with anything.

History of Planet Fitness

Before trying a Planet Fitness guest pass, you might be a little curious about how Planet Fitness got its start. They were founded in 1992 in Dover, New Hampshire. When they started out, Planet Fitness was actually like every other gym out there — they catered to the small percentage of the population that generally frequents the gym.

However, its owners quickly realized that they had a huge opportunity to serve a much larger portion of the population as a whole. They asked the question: “Why does 80-85% of the population not belong to a gym?”

They figured out that it was because they didn’t like the typical behaviors and attitudes found in most gyms, and they didn’t want to have to spend a lot of money to try out a gym.

So, Planet Fitness decided to change the game and offer something completely new in the gym world. They truly revolutionized the gym industry and created a non-intimidating and low-cost gym. This is when they became known as the “Judgment-Free Zone.”

Today, Planet Fitness is one of the largest fitness centers in the US. They have over 1,800 locations, and it is still growing. With a history like that, why wouldn’t you want to give the Planet Fitness guest pass a try? The worst that would happen is that you don’t like it… but we don’t think that will be the case.

Planet Fitness Guest Pass Testimonies

Still not convinced? Here are some testimonials from some past or present Planet Fitness members, taken directly from the website.

“I just joined PF a few days ago… I’m so nervous because I’d never been to a gym, but everyone there made me feel so welcome. I really appreciate the customer service you provide. Thank you for helping me change my life!” – Ash A.

I was diagnosed with autism when I was 7 years old and I have been bullied badly, even out in public. So when I got my membership in March of 2013 I was scared of getting bullied. Been going since then and NOT ONCE have I gotten picked on. The staff doesn’t care. They watch out for me. They greet me with my first name. ‘Hi Jacob, how are you?’ I feel safe and I feel independent. I LOVE Planet Fitness.” – Jake M.

“There are people there of every age, shape, size, and fitness level.” – Julie M.

None of the attitude that you find at (other gyms)!” – Derek W.

Planet Fitness Guest Pass Membership Options

As we’ve said, there are two different membership options at Planet Fitness: the No Commitment $10/month, and the Black Card $22.99/month. But what are the specific differences?

With the basic membership at $10/month, you get:

  • Free Wifi
  • Unlimited Access to Home Club
  • Free Fitness Training

With the $22.99/month Black Card, you get those basic membership perks, PLUS:

  • Reciprocal Use of All Planet Fitness Locations
  • Unlimited Guest Privileges at All Planet Fitness Locations
  • Use of Tanning
  • Unlimited Use of Massage Chairs
  • Unlimited Total Body Enhancement
  • 1/2 Price Cooler Drinks
  • 20% off Reebok Products
  • Use of Hydromassage

Planet Fitness Guess Pass Final Thoughts

The two basic services available at Planet Fitness are all you really need from a fitness club. Access to all of the top-quality equipment and unlimited fitness training are the two main focuses here. The staff are friendly and here to motivate and help anyone who is struggling or just unsure of how to get into shape. It is one of the reasons their prices are so competitive, due to them focusing on the essential aspects and making them roundly available for members. This way is an excellent idea for undecided people to try out the Planet Fitness guest pass to see for themselves the type of atmosphere that the gym has.

All of the nice extras can either be paid for at the clubs, or members can upgrade to the black card membership and get everything inclusive. This includes a 10% discount for the Planet Fitness store, which is another prominent feature of the franchise. It brands itself very well, selling all sorts of t-shirts, water bottles, and bags to help you set up for a new fitness regime.

Here is more information on Planet Fitness Memberships.

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