Fitness Connection Prices in 2022

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The first thing to notice about Fitness Connection prices is just how affordable they are. This very much puts them at the low-end of Fitness Connection prices for membership. You will struggle to find more companies that have such affordable monthly fees for their members.

The main cost in Fitness Connection prices is the starter fee which is $99. This is still pretty modest among most health clubs, so this looks to be quite the bargain. What really draws attention is the incredibly low costs of the monthly dues. It is just $9.95 – you read that correctly!

This can increase if you would like access to all locations, with monthly due costing $19.95, but considering this is for access to 26 locations it’s still a good monthly rate! Add in the fact that the starter fee is reduced to just $40 with the all-club access option. And so, it becomes clear just how competitive Fitness Connection’s prices are!

Starter Fee$99.00
Monthly Dues$9.95
Starter Fee$40.00
Monthly Dues$19.95

Fitness Connection Amenities

Fitness Connection may only be a new company in the health club industry. However, they offer many great services and amenities. They have standard gym equipment as you would expect. It has the usual cardio and weight training machinery and equipment.

Not only that, but each Fitness Connection has a swimming pool, basketball court, sauna, and tanning facilities available for use too.

Workout Classes

Another impressive aspect of the company is that they run various different classes to suit fitness levels, including a kid’s club!

Fitcore for example is an ab-busting 30-minute workout class that will leave your stomach shredded in no time at all! The FitH20 class meanwhile offers a fun aquatic workout without the same stresses on the joints. It can be ideal for people suffering from joint problems.

They also offer Body attack classes for people of all levels, from beginners to more advanced individuals. It ensures that really is something to suit all fitness levels with Fitness Connection.

Now compared to many of the larger health and fitness clubs, this may seem like a rather limited selection. But in reality, it offers everything you could need to get into shape from your local gym, just without as much variety.

Those that love to work out may find that the services and amenities are somewhat limited. But the majority of gym-goers will find there to be more than enough here to help get or keep them in shape.

Plus, when you consider the incredible rates for Fitness connection prices you actually get a lot of the value for money! This may make Fitness Connection more appealing to those just starting out rather than those that already work out on a regular basis. Yet for those amazing prices, it’s easy to see why anyone would join Fitness Connection!

For more details, you can check out their website. Also, you check the Fitness Connection Fitness Hours and Locations.