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JCPenney Salon Prices are some of the most competitive on the market, and considering the range of services on offer for such great prices, you can be sure you are getting value for money when taking your business there.

The prices range depending on what service you are after, but regardless of what you are getting you can be safe in the knowledge that you are getting one heck of deal!
Standard haircut prices begin at $22 for an express cut, and you can get a cut and blow dry starting at just$32.

As a full service salon, there are so many different beauty treatments on offer. You can get twist and curls services starting from just $60, ideal for brides who are looking for a great service with a fantastic price tag.

Look at these tables below to get a good idea of JC Penney Salon Prices :

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JC Penney Salon Prices
[ad type=”square”]Colour treatments are also popular and still come with JC Penney Salons low prices. There a great number of amazing types of colour services on offer, from full colours to highlights. Prices begin from as low $55 for a full colour, with highlights starting from as little as $20!

JC Penney Salon also offer haircuts for men, and as expected, the prices are amazingly cheap. A simple cut will only set you back $18, and for a little bit extra you can get a signature experiences, which comes with a cut, head massage and facial hair trim for only $23.


JC Penney Salon offers unique salon experience, aimed at offering a number of services under one roof. These include hair, nail and other various health treatments along with selling a great range of beauty products.

They can be found in most department stores, with over 900 full service saloons and more than 18,000 employees. Their longevity in the beauty industry is a testament to their ability to offer so many different services, and with JC Penney Salon’s prices being some of the lowest on the market, they remain as popular as ever.

They have a great number of different beauty treatments and services, both catering to female and male customers. With cuts and colouring, they use their top range branded products, and have some of the best price rates going.
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JC Penney Salon is owned by J.C and Penny Company Inc., who are a mid-range department store retail chain. The company was formed in 102, and has had decades of retail experiences, eventually specialising in department stores that slowly expanded throughout the country.

In 1962 to company opened its first full-line shopping centre department store, and with it came JCPenney Salons. Due to the need to try and expand their offerings in the retail market, they decided to introduce salons in their department’s stores, and to this day the same approach is widely used.

They remained popular throughout the 60s and 70s, opening in locations across the country. This was in no short part to wide variety of services offered in their department store, with JCPenney Salons being a key attraction.

Alter falling on financial troubles, the company expanded into the internet market in the late 90s. With its launch JCPenny Salons professional style hair and beauty products became available online. Recent time have seen a return of growth for JCPenny department stores, and they now remain on of the most well establish mid range department stores in the United States, with a JCP Salon found in each one of them.

For more information about JC Penny Salon, visit their Official Website.

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