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Title Boxing Club prices are certainly affordable, they are around the mid to lower price range when it comes to other health club membership fees, so anyone on a budget looking to get into shape could definitely appreciate their competitive pricing.

When it comes to Title Boxing Club prices, the biggest expense you will come across is the starter fee which is $150 per person. At the same time this isn’t the most expensive starter fee in the industry, so while it is the biggest expense with a Boxing Title Club membership it still fits within the affordable price-range.

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Title Boxing Club Prices

[ad type=”square”]Monthly dues are a very respectable $80 per month, which is some of the best you are likely to find. You can even save a few dollars if you take out the two adults plan, which will cost $150 per month for two members.

Another great way to save on Title Boxing Club membership costs is by opting to pay in one annual installment. While this can appear costly at $725, it actually allows for quite a bit of saving when compared to paying the monthly dues for a year – you can opt for this with the two adults plan too.

Services and Amenities

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The affordable rates of Title Boxing Club prices can reflect the fact that it is not a gym in a traditional sense. There is a variety of classes that can be taken to help improve your fitness levels, all of which are based around combat sports training.

So while you won’t find the same amount cardio and strength training equipment as most other health clubs, you will get the same level of training through high intensity full body workouts that are the main component of each class. That means swapping the treadmill for a punch bag, which offers a more unique and fun form of exercise that a lot of people are beginning to embrace. Not a fan of hitting the gym? Then Title Boxing Club could be the thing for you!

Both boxing and kickboxing classes are available, but you can also get one-on-one training by making use of Title Boxing Clubs qualified personal trainers, so this can be the perfect health club for focusing on weight loss goals and improving your general fitness levels.


Title Boxing Club is a health club with a difference. It specialises in providing high intensity combat classes such as boxing and kickboxing, and despite being founded in 2008, they have gone on to become one of the fastest growing fitness centers in the country.

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