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Beach Bum Tanning is a chain of full-service tanning salons found throughout the east coast of US. They offer a number of tanning services and products, using top-of-the-line equipment to ensure a quality tan for all customers.

Both sunbed tanning and spray tanning services are available at Beach Bum Tanning, and various packages are available that offer great discounts. Additionally, Beach Bum Tanning has a great rewards scheme that provides customers with unlimited tanning for a fixed price each month, along with a host of other great deals and promotions.

Therefore, anyone that enjoys heading to a tanning salon on a regular basis will find a lot to love at Beach Bum Tanning.


Beach Bum Tanning Opening Hours

Beach Bum Tanning hours of operations are fantastic. For example, many salons are open from as early as 7 am. This will be exceptionally convenient for many, especially those requiring a tan for a special occasion that require an early visit to the salon.

Got a night out and want a great tan come the evening time? Then head down to Beach Bum Tanning early in the morning and you will get just that.

Not only is there a 7 am opening hour at most Beach Bum Tanning salons, but they operate with these times throughout the entire week. That means you can head into any Beach Bum Tanning salon on a Sunday at 7 am for a beautiful tan.

Beach Bum Tanning Closing Hours

Closing hours at Beach Bum Tanning are also very customer-friendly. For example, they do not close until 10 pm on weekdays. This is ideal for anyone looking for a good tan for the following day, as you can get a late appointment and have a lovely color come the morning.

Even the weekend closing hours are great at Beach Bum Tanning, closing at 8 pm on Saturday and Sunday. However, you will even find some salons that close at 10 pm on a Sunday.

Beach Bum Tanning Locations

Looking for your nearest Beach Bum Tanning location? Simply enter any relative info on the Beach Bum Tanning locations page on the company website. All locations are found within the East Coast area of the US.