Cost Cutters salons are a great place to head to for affordable beauty treatments such as haircuts and styling, tanning, and waxing. They offer great rates for their services, which are available to males and females as well as children. What time does Cost Cutters Close ? Browse table below to get a good idea about Cost Cutters Hours.

Better still, Cost Cutters hours are idea for most people, operating with early openings and late closings. As with most businesses, some Cost Cutters hours of operations will vary from salon to salon, but they remain much the same for the most part.


What time does Cost Cutters Open ?

What time does Cost Cutters Close ?

What time does Cost Cutters Open ?

Cost Cutters hours for opening typically begin at 9 am on weekdays. Saturdays will often open a little earlier, usually at 8.30 pm. Sundays have the latest opening times at Cost Cutters, opening slightly later at 10 am or 11 am.

As you can see, these opening hours can be rather useful for anyone needing some beauty or hair treatments in the morning.

What time does Cost Cutters Close ?

One of the great aspects regarding Cost Cutters hours is how late they are opened for. An 8 pm closing time is certainly later than many salons, which will be great news for those who work late or are short on time during the day yet still need a haircut or wax.

The 8 pm closing time is found during weekdays, while Saturday will close earlier at 6 pm while Sunday closes an hour earlier at 5 pm. However, it’s worth noting that at some locations Cost Cutters closing hours are at 9 pm on weekdays.

Likewise, Cost Cutters closing hours on a Sunday can vary, with 3pm and 4pm closing times at many locations.

How to Find Your Nearest Cost Cutters

Finding your nearest Cost Cutters couldn’t be easier thanks to this handy SALON LOCATOR. Here, you can make a quick search for the nearest Cost Cutters salon by entering your zip code or city. This will also give you information about each salon, including exact hours of operations and directions to the salon.

Another way to search is my simply entering your zip code and Cost Cutters into Google, as Google Maps can also provide results for your nearest salon.

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