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Fitness 19 hours are standard with most other companies in the fitness industry, with early openings and late closings. This is great for those people that will struggle to find time to hit the gym during working hours, allowing them to head to their local Fitness 19 before or after work.

As with most other gyms, Fitness 19 hours of operation can differ from each location, if this is the case however it usually only changes by an hour or so.

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Fitness 19 will have two main opening times, an early time of 5am for weekdays followed by a later time of 8am for the weekends. As mentioned, these are nice and early hours which many people will find useful.

What Time Does Fitness 19 Close?

Fitness 19 hours for closing change ever so slightly throughout the week. From Mondays to Thursdays you will find their latest closing time, with each center closing at 10 pm on these days. Fridays have the slightly earlier closing time of 9pm, while weekends will close even earlier at 6 pm.

There are locations that will have later Fitness 19 closing hours, with some weeknights closing at 11 pm as opposed to 10 pm, while some locations close at 8pm on weekends rather than 6pm – this just offers more time to head over to Fitness 19!

Fitness 19 Locations

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With more than 140 Fitness 19 locations throughout the nation, there is a good chance that there will be one of their fitness centers nearby. One of their big focuses is to offer value for money for your membership, so it may even be worth travelling a little further to find your nearest Fitness 19 location.

To find each of Fitness 19 locations, it is actually very simple. Heading over to their website is the easiest way to get this info and you will quickly be prompted to find out your nearest Fitness 19 location on their homepage.

All you need to do is hit the ‘find a club tab on the homepage to search for the relative Fitness 19 location. They have highlighted each state in which you can find a Fitness 19 so you can search by state, or you can simply enter your zip code for a more precise location.

Upon finding the right Fitness 19 location you can also get contact information and details regarding its opening and closing times, as well as allowing you to sign up for the Fitness 19 guest pass for that particular location.

For Fitness 19 Store Locator CLICK HERE.
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Fitness Membership Prices

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