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Regis Salon is among the most popular hair salon chains in the word today, with company-owned and franchised businesses located throughout the globe, including many here in North America.

With affordable rates and a high standard of service, it’s little surprise that customers continue to return to Regis Salons. Furthermore, Regis Salon places a strong emphasis on offering all of the latest trends and styles, explaining how each one works and what would be most suitable for your hair.

This makes them very popular indeed, as customers know they can get great-looking cuts, styles, and coloring at affordable rates.

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Regis Salon Hours

[ad type=”square”]Regis Salon hours of operation can vary from location to location. As many salons reside within shopping malls, their hours are often dependent on those used for the mall.

For the most part however, opening hours at Regis Salon is 10am Monday to Saturday.  Opening hours on a Sunday tends to be at 12pm in most locations, which is a common time for salons.

Regis Salon’s closing hours are much the same, following a similar pattern to the opening times. For instance, Monday to Saturday usually have a closing time of 9pm. This can be quite useful given how late these hours go, and many that work late or cannot make an appointment during the day will certainly benefit from this.

Closing hours on a Sunday are reduced somewhat, usually closing at 7pm, which is actually still quite late for a salon. Some can close a few hours earlier on a Sunday however, usually depending on the location of the salon.

Regis Salon Locations

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Give the large number of Regis Salon locations throughout the country, there is a very good chance of a salon being nearby to your location. Finding any Regis Salon couldn’t be easier, as all you need to do is use their salon locator.

You can use this to find the location of any nearby Regis Salon, using either a zip code or city. The results will not only inform you of nearby Regis Salons, but also specific details about each salon, including directions, and hours of operations.

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