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First Choice Haircutters are a chain of hair salons located throughout the United States and Canada. Known for their affordable rates and friendly service, First Choice Haircutters remain the most popular salon franchise around. First Choice Haircutters prices are very reasonable and affordable as well; an adult haircut at First Choice will cost you only $19.95. If you plan to bring your family and kids, you would be quite happy to know that a simple kids’ haircut will only cost you $13.95 as long as they do not need shampoo and blow-dry. We will further look into more detail about their prices, but you can get a very good idea of their pricing from the tables below.

Adult Haircut$19.95
Adult Haircut
w/ Shampoo a
Adult Haircut
w/ Shampoo Haircut & Blowdry
Kids Haircut$13.95
Kids Haircut
w/ Shampoo
Kids Haircut
w/ Shampoo & Blow Dry
Seniors Haircut$14.95
Seniors Haircut
w/ Shampoo
Seniors Haircut
w/ Shampoo & Blow Dry
Hair Color
Starts At
$47 & Up
Highlights$55 & Up
Conditioning Perm$62 & Up

Prices and Services

Regardless of the service you require, First Choice Haircutters prices offer great value for money. Offering haircuts for both adults and children, First Choice Haircutters also offers services you would expect to find in a salon, including shampoo and color treatments.

For example, a standard adult haircut begins at only $19.95, perfectly showcasing just how affordable First Choice Haircutters prices are. Additional treatments won’t cost much more either.

Should you want a shampoo along with a haircut, for instance, this will only cost an additional $3 at $22.95. Better still, customers that require a full treatment, including a haircut, shampoo, and blow-dry, can do so for only $34.95.

These rates can get even lower for children and seniors, again highlighting the fine prices at First Choice Haircutters.

Kids’ haircuts are available for just $17.95. Seniors can enjoy this service for even less at $14.95. Furthermore, additional treatments such as shampooing or a blow-dry offer discounted prices for these age groups.

For an additional $4, both children and seniors can get a haircut with shampoo. Similarly, adding a blow-dry to this will only cost a further $8 for kids and $9 for seniors. It’s clear just how reasonable Firs Choice Haircutters prices remain with deals like this!

First Choice Haircutters Highlights and Hair Color Prices

Color treatments at salons are traditionally some of the most expensive. While First Choice Haircutters prices for these are higher than their other services, they still remain low when compared to other salons.

Pricing for color treatments and First Choice Haircutters aren’t fixed given the nature of the service. For example, hair color service starts at $47 but can cost more depending on the hair and the required products.

Similarly, highlights have no fixed price either, starting a $55 and increasing when applicable. Given that highlighting is more complex than a standard color treatment, this is perfectly normal and the prices remain reasonable!

First Choice Haircutters also offer a conditioning perm service. This has similar pricing to color treatments, costing a minimum of $62. Again, these are still reasonable prices from First Choice Haircutters, and the quality of the service is certainly worth paying for!

For more information, you can check their website.

Hours and Locations

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