Crunch Fitness is a health fitness club with a slight difference – an importance is placed on fun. Getting fit can seem daunting, especially for those who have struggled with it before, and going to a place full of serious looking and sometimes judgmental people, it can be pretty off putting. Yet Crunch Fitness wants to eliminate that type of atmosphere, as they would rather you get fit and healthy with a smile on your face. This is why they offer a range of special classes designed to shake up boring exercise routines and methods, and make them more appealing to the masses. Now let us look at Crunch Fitness prices.

Crunch Fitness prices are also fantastic, and considering their top of the range equipment – such as cardio, strength and free weights – and friendly and supportive personal trainers and instructors, it is no surprise it’s one of the fastest growing health fitness clubs.

Crunch Fitness Prices

Considering the unique methods in which to get fit, Crunch Fitness prices seem more than reasonable. There are also various memberships that you can sign up for, making it incredibly flexible, ensuring you get the best type of membership that suits your needs.

The basic membership comes with an enrollment fee of $19-$25, with monthly dues of $9.95. The basic plus membership comes with included group fitness classes. This is a great option for those looking for a different fitness experience, as you won’t find classes like these in many other places. This only costs $20-$45 for the enrollment fee, along with monthly dues of $19.95.

For those who live life on the go, the premium membership allows access to all locations, allowing you to pick and choose where you visit. This comes with an enrolment fee of $49.99, with a monthly fee of $100.

For those who are ready to commit to some long term fitness and prefer to cover the costs in one simple payment, an annual prepay membership is available. This comes with an enrollment fee for $49.99, and one single payment of $949.91


Fitness Membership Prices

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