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Famous Hair salons belong to the Signature Style chain of salons and beauty parlors. Known for their friendly and easy-going stylists, Famous Hair also has some of the best prices around for their various beauty treatments. If you are trying to find Famous Hair Prices, you have come to the right place

Both men and women haircuts are offered at Famous Hair, and there are no ages restrictions for customers either. This means children and adults can enjoy the very reasonable prices found at Famous Hair! You can get a great idea Famous Hair Prices by browsing the tables below:

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Haircut + Shampoo & Blow Dry
(below 10)
includes haircut
Partial Perm$26.00
Shoulder Length Perm$62.00
Waist Length Perm$83.00
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Touch Up$35.00
Partial Highlight$32.00
Highlights Cap$50.00
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Pre Service Treatment$9.00
Post Service Treatment$9.00
Deep Conditioning$10.00
Hydration Balm$6.00
Post Hair Color Conditioning$6.00
Malibu $15.00

Famous Hair Haircut Prices

[ad type=”square”]If there is one thing that we will always require, it’s a haircut. Throughout our lives we will go through countless styles and possibly colors, meaning it’s great to find a reliable salon with great prices.

That is exactly what you can expect to find at Famous Hair, whose prices are certainly among the most affordable. For example, and adult can get a haircut here starting at just $15! Needless to say, that is a fantastic price for an adult haircut!

The addition of a blow-dry service doesn’t cost much more either – this service is available for just $19! Even children can benefit from Famous Hair prices. Any child under 10-years-old can get a haircut for $10!

Famous Hair Perm Prices

Despite what many would assume, a perm remains a popular treatment at salons like Famous Hair. As a more complex treatment than a haircut, the prices are somewhat higher, although no less affordable.

A partial perm treatment for instance, costs just $26. The treatment for shoulder length hair will cost a little more at $62, while a waist length perm starts are $83. These still remain really good rates for such a treatment, highlighting just how affordable Famous Hair prices are across the board.

Should anyone require a perm and haircut treatment, they can find this available starting at just $45!

Famous Hair Highlight and Color Prices

Color treatments remain one of the most popular services at any salon. Unfortunately, they also remain one of the most expensive too! However, Famous Hair’s prices for colors and highlights are very reasonable and well worth paying for.

For example, you can get a color touch up for a very modest $35. A full color treatment is much more either, costing just $45.

Similarly, a partial highlight treatment is available for only $32 while a highlight cap treatment costs just $50. These are great prices from Famous Hair, as color treatments are often much costlier than this at other salons.

Famous Hair Treatment Prices

[ad type=”square”]Should you want your hair to have that added wow factor, not to mention look much healthier, then Famous Hair has plenty of treatments worth checking out. Most are available for around $10 and they will leave your hair looking and feeling that bit better.

Pre-haircut and post-haircut treatments are available for only $9 for example, while a deep conditioning can be purchased for as lute as $10. Likewise, post hair color conditioning is available for the reasonable price of just $6 – this will leave your color treatment looking even better!

Much like the rest of their services, the prices for Famous Hair treatments are well priced and won’t break the bank, allowing to better enjoy your next visit to the salon!