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Happy Nails is a chain of spa and beauty salons offering a number of beauty treatments. There is a broad selection of services available at Happy Nails, including manicures and pedicures, waxing and threading, and a range of skin care treatments. Browse the table below to gt a good idea of Happy Nails Hours of operation.

So, for anyone looking to pamper themselves with a particular beauty treatment, Happy Nails is certainly worth checking out.

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What time does Happy Nails Open ?

What time does Happy Nails Close ?

What time does Happy Nails Open ?

Happy Nails hours of opening shouldn’t be too difficult to recall as they are quite standard for spas and salons. For example, the majority of Happy Nails will open at 10 am Monday to Saturday, while Sundays open a bit later at 10 am.

However, you may find some Happy Nails with later opening hours, as many locations do not open until 10 am from Monday to Saturday.

Sundays will almost always open with the same hours, with the majority of Happy Nails opening at 10 am.

What time does Happy Nails Close ?

Again, closing hours are quite general at Happy Nails. For the most part, each salon will close at 7 pm throughout the week, except on Sunday which closes earlier at 6 pm.

Although it is worth mentioning that not all Happy Nails use the same closing hours. For example, some locations may close at 10 pm, while others remain opened until 8 pm or 9 pm at certain locations.

This can be quite handy for anyone looking to unwind with a nice spa treatment after a long, hard day at the office!

Happy Nails Locations

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There are few different ways to find your nearest Happy Nails location, the first of which involves the company’s store locator. It is worth mentioning that Happy Nails are based solely in California, mostly in Los Angeles, San Diego, Newport Beach, and Orange Country.

When visiting this page, you can search for particular Happy Nails location based on your current whereabouts. You can even filter searches for particular regions as well as searching within a particular radius from your location.

Similarly, if you live in California, you can enter you zip code into Google Maps to find any nearby Happy Nails locations.

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