Fitness Connection Hours and Location

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Fitness Connection hours are rather typical of others found within the health and fitness industry. It has long hours of operations that start early. What is particularly notable about Fitness Connection’s hours is the fact that their closing times are very late. It can be useful for those that work late hours or those that are otherwise not available during the day and early evening.

As with most other health and fitness clubs, Fitness Connection hours are subject to change, although this is rarely by more than an hour or so.

Monday5 am - 12 am
Tuesday5 am - 12 am
Wednesday5 am - 12 am
Thursday5 am - 12 am
Friday5 am - 12 am
Saturday8 am - 8 pm
Sunday8 am - 8 pm
Monday8 am - 1 pm
4 pm - 9 pm
Tuesday8 am - 1 pm
4 pm - 9 pm
Wednesday8 am - 1 pm
4 pm - 9 pm
Thursday8 am - 1 pm
4 pm - 9 pm
Friday8 am - 1 pm
4 pm - 9 pm
Saturday8 am - 1 pm
4 pm - 9 pm

What Time Does It Open?

Fitness Connection hours for opening are certainly early. It opens at 5 am on weekdays, with a slightly later time of 8 am used for weekends. Still, this provides plenty of time for early risers to head over to their local fitness center.

What Time Does It Close?

Closing times for Fitness Connection hours follow a slightly different structure. Mondays to Fridays will see most locations close at 12 am. It is among the latest times for closing in the industry outside of 24-hour establishments. The weekend hours close even earlier than this at 8 pm.

Kids Club Hours

They operate a special kids club that has its own separate hours. Mondays-Saturday kids club hours run from 8 am-1 pm and 4 pm-9 pm. The kids club is not open on Sundays.

Fitness Connection 24 Hour Services

There are a few Fitness Connection locations that operate 24 hours a day. These locations do not run 24 hours a day for the entire week. The 24-hour days run from 8 am on Sundays before closing at 10 pm on the following Friday. And so, on Saturdays, operating from 8 am-8 pm at these locations.

Fitness Connection Locations

As they are relative newcomers, there aren’t as many Fitness Connection locations as most other health and fitness centers. At the moment each location is in Texas, Nevada, and North Carolina. It has 26 locations in total at the moment.

To find these locations all you need to do is visit the website, click the relative state in the drop-down tab at the top right corner, and then check each of the towns/cities that have a location within that particular state. You can also check their services offered and their prices.