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[ad type=”msquare”]Doing the same workout over and over again is tiresome and boring, no doubt. Soul Cycle is bringing the joy back into exercise. Don’t believe that working out can be efficient and fun? At Soul Cycle, the targeted, quick, fast-paced workouts re energizes its clients and burns fat fast. The forty-five minute workout will transform how you feel. If you think Soul Cycle is another run-of-the-mill cycling class, you are happily mistaken – this class incorporates all different sorts of exercises, in one friendly community. Interested in trying out this incredible workout?  Get a great estimate of Soul Cycle Prices in the table below :

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Very First Class Only Price
Expiration - 30 Days
Standard 1 CLASS$30.00
5 CLASSES$145,00
10 CLASSES$285.00
20 CLASSES$540.00
30 CLASSES$785.00
50 CLASSES$3500.00

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The soul cycle prices are akin to a yoga class – they are a bit higher because you’re not only paying for the equipment. You’re paying for personalized instruction from an expert trainer. The forty-five minute full-body workout incorporates fat-burning techniques to get the best results, while still keeping it fun. How often does a workout sound like a good time? And, as with most things, if you decide to buy in bulk, you’ll end up saving money. If you go with a classic package including thirty classes, it only comes out to be about $26.00 per class, cheaper than the price for a standard class. The only added expense is the soul cycle shoes – to take a soul cycle class, you must have shoes that clip on to the pedal, but these only cost three dollars to rent.

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If you’re wondering how this workout ends up being as fun as it is, it’s essentially dancing on an indoor bike. It’s indoor cycling, revolutionized. Rather than simply biking, the instructors use an upbeat, personalized playlist to keep the momentum going. The clients who try it say it changes their lives. The burn is undeniable, as it works out every part of your party, but many people participating can forget it’s a workout.

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