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Spa Sydell prices can vary greatly, as the overall costs really depends on the types of treatments you receive. As with most spas, there is a massive selection of treatments available, and Spa Sydell’s prices are each based individually on the type of services and the nature of the treatments involved.

For example, some of the cheapest Spa Sydell prices are as low as $15, while some of their top treatments and packages go for several hundred dollars. This means there can be large differences in the overall charges for treatments, and when you consider that prices also differ based on the length of your treatments, there a many different factors that are effecting the prices here.

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[ad type=”square”]Massages are of course on the biggest attractions for any spa, and Spa Sydell provides a fine selection, both affordable and high-end. Standard body massages can go for as little as $55 for 30 minutes, which is definitely a reasonable price for a massage.

Of course you can get luxury massages as well, and this will be reflected in Spa Sydell’s prices. For example, the hot stone massage costs $145 for 90 minutes, and a pre-natal massage and shine costs around the same, so prices can reach the high-end range as well as being affordable.

This is much the same across the board. Skin treatments can vary greatly depending on what exactly they offer. A Glycolic peel is only $55 while a signature facial treatment costs $180, so again prices range from affordable mid-range prices to high-end prices associated with luxury spas.

Services and Treatments

Sydell Spa offers some of the most varied treatments you will likely find in a spa. Treatments are mainly divided into the following categories:

  • Massages
  • Manicures and Pedicures
  • Skin and Body Treatments
  • Tanning
  • Hair Removal (Waxing)

Within each category there several options available, and these services reflect Spa Sydells pricing. This is great as it means you can pop into your local spa and get an affordable massages or facial, as well as treating yourself to something more luxurious for a special occasion.

The costliest of Spa Sydell’s prices are their packages, but these actually offer some great value for money if you are considering going for some quality spa treatments. A deluxe day spa package may set you back $485, but the services include in this day package will likely cost more if purchased individually.

You can also go for half day treatments or massages for two at much more modest prices ($190), and these can make for great gifts too, so there the pricing found here can certainly be taken of advantage of by anyone looking for some amazing spa treatments.

About Spa Sydell

Sydell Spa is franchise of day spas offering a range of health and wellness treatments, including body massages, manicures and pedicures, skin treatments and much more. They are one of the most popular spas in Atlanta, the state in where each Spa Sydell is situated.

Fitness Membership Prices

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