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Planet Fitness is a popular franchise of health and fitness centers across the United States. They have shrewdly marketed themselves towards the more casual gym-goer. It is good for those who have little or no experience using fitness centers. For this reason, it’s renowned for its friendly and motivational atmosphere. It also features a lot of well-trained staff members along with top-of-the-ranger exercise equipment. If you are on the lookout for a gym that is affordable Planet Fitness prices will definitely amaze you.

Planet Fitness Logo

With all these positive factors, the fact that Planet Fitness prices are some of the cheapest on the market, its popularity comes as little surprise. There are various memberships on offer. It all wants to be flexible without overcharging. It’s certainly attracting plenty of members, with over 500 locations spread across the country.

Yearly Fee$29.00
Monthly Fee$10.00
Yearly Fee$39.00
Monthly Fee$19.99
Prepay 1 Year
+ Get A 6-Month Free

Planet Fitness Prices

You can be forgiven for looking twice at some of the rates of Planet Fitness prices. Considering each membership includes unlimited gym access and fitness training, you definitely getting value for money!

Memberships start with the basic monthly plan. This allows you access to one location, so it’s perfect for those who like to set up shop at a local gym and get to know everyone there. For only $10 each month as well as a yearly fee of only $29. It provides more than enough for even the most avid fitness fans.

Premium Black Card Membership

Those looking out for a little bit extra can look towards the premium back card membership. The monthly cost for this is only $19.99, with a yearly fee of $39. This includes unlimited access to all franchise centers, along with a host of other amazing services, such as unlimited guest privileges, use of tanning, and unlimited use of massage chairs. At only $9.99 extra from the basic membership, it’s a testament to Planet Fitness prices.

You can also take an 18th-month to prepay option, in which you pay the entire amount of your membership in one transaction. It’s a great way to save even more, costing only $199 for the full 18 months – that’s 6 months completely free!

There is also a free trial Planet Fitness Guest Pass, you can check it out. Also, you check the Planet Fitness Hours and Locations.

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