What Time Does Great Clips Open – Close

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Great Clips is a chain of popular hair salons in United States and Canada. With several thousand franchises found throughout North American, Great Clips remain one of the most successful hair salon chains in operation today. What Time Does Great Clips Open & Close ? browse table below to get a good grasp of Great Clips Hours.

They not only offer a range of hair-care services such as cuts, coloring, and styling, but also a range of hair and beauty products, including their very own Grit brand of hair products. Great Clips owes much of its success to its affordable prices and friendly service, which can be found at every salon!

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What Time Does Great Clips Open ?

What time Does Great Clips Close ?

What Time Does Great Clips Open?

[ad type=”square”]Great Clips hours for opening can vary from location to location, but each salon enjoys early opening times in any case. For example, most Great Clips open at 9 am Monday to Saturday, and some even open at this time on a Sunday too, which almost unheard of for a salon.

Those that don’t open at 9 am on Sunday still enjoy an early opening at 10 am, and you may even find some salons that open at 8 am on a Saturday.

Needless to say, these early opening hours from Great Clips will be very useful for a number of customers looking to get their hair done early in the morning!

What Time Does Great Clips Close?

More often than not, Great Clips closing hours are 9 pm on weekdays. This is fantastic as it remains on the latest opening times in the industry, making it very useful to anyone needing an appointment later in the day after work or other commitments.

Great Clips closing hours on Saturday are understandably shorter at 6pm, although some remain open until 7 pm as well. Sundays are far more general, with a closing time of 6 pm at most locations.

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Finding Your Nearest Great Clips

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With more than 3,700 locations in North American, there is a very good chance of finding a nearby salon.

For anyone looking for the nearest Great Clips location, simply head over to the homepage of the company’s website and you can search from there. It can actually automatically track your location, or you can enter details such as a zip, state or city for the same info.

This is great for finding out exact salon hours, directions, contact information, and you can even check-in online!


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