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If you’re looking into booking some time at Massage Envy, the first thing you should know is when you can do so. Overall, most Massage Envy hours are similar throughout the locations, meaning that they are open Monday to Friday from 9 AM. You should also note that in some cases, some locations open a bit later, with hours starting from 8:30 AM. Closing hours are also similar in most of the Massage Envy locations, generally being 10 PM on weekdays.

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When it comes to weekends, the Massage Envy hours are shorter. Most locations open at 9 AM and close at 7 PM on Saturdays while on Sundays they open at 10 AM and close at 6 PM.  As the Massage Envy hours are quite long, you should be able to book a session no matter how busy your schedule. Making time for some pampering is an important aspect of life after all, wouldn’t you say?

Where’s the Nearest Spa Envy?

[ad type=”square”]You probably wouldn’t like to travel a long distance in order to get to a Spa Envy location so your best choice is to find the nearest Spa Envy. This way you won’t waste any time! If you’ve decided to go ahead and book a pampering session and you’re looking to find the nearest Spa Envy you’re in luck because the great thing is that Spa Envy locations are available throughout the country.  If you’re interested in relaxing for a while, getting a massage or a facial as a special treat, Spa Envy is just the place for you. Also, booking some time here could be a great present for someone dear.

How can you find the Nearest Spa Envy?

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In order to find the nearest Spa Envy, the easiest thing to do is to visit their dedicated Locations section on their website. There you will find that you have two options: either entering a zip-code and a distance you’re comfortable with or selecting your state and city. After completing any of the options above, you will automatically receive all the information you need in order to locate the most convenient Spa Envy.


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