Fitness 19 Prices in 2022

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While Fitness 19 is relatively new to the fitness industry having been founded in 2003, Fitness 19 has emerged as one of the better-valued fitness franchises. Fitness 19 prices are some of the best out there. They have flexible membership options readily available. It is a perfect option for any gym-goer. A great range of equipment is available at all of their centers. It has a fine selection of cardio, strength, and free weight equipment. They have friendly staff. Also, they are known there to offer advice as well as personal training services.

Start-Up Fee$49.00
Monthly Fee$19.00
Add Each Person Start UP Fee$39.00
Add Each Person Monthly Fee$9.00
Start Up Fee$49.00
Monthly Fee$15.00
Add Each Person Start up Fee$39.00
Add Each Person Monthly Fee$9.00
(Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays Access Only)
Start Up Fee$49.00
Monthly Fee$7.00
No Add a Person Discount with this Category Membership

Membership Options

Many Fitness 19 membership prices offer incredible value for money. Actually, this doesn’t matter if you want to use one gym on a regular basis. So, there will be some there to suit everyone.

Fitness 19 Premier Membership Prices

This allows access to all of Fitness 19s centers throughout the county. This is ideal for those who travel a lot or live near multiple locations. Fitness 19 prices come the start-up fee for this membership is $49. It has a monthly fee of $19.

You can even add on people to this membership. It offers the chance for friends and family to join you for even cheap. The start-up fee when adding is $39 per person. It has a monthly fee of only $9.

Single Location Membership Prices

For those who are close to a local center and only need to use the one location, a single location membership is available. So, Fitness 19 prices come with the standard start-up fee of $49. Yet, money can be saved on the monthly fee which is only $15.

Again, you can add individuals to this membership for even better rates, with a $39 start-up fee and a $9 monthly fee.

Fitness 19 Limited Days Membership 

Are you one of those people who get a gym membership with nothing but good intentions? It happens to the best of us, and before you know you are wasting money on a membership that you use far less than you intended to. Fitness 19 prices vary for every type of membership. So, this is one where everyone has the chance to make a saving.

Luckily you can save money with a limited days membership. This allows you 3-day access to Fitness 19 centers, with Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays as the available days.

The start-up fee for this is the standard rate of $49.Monthly rates are much cheaper, however, with the fee-only costing you $7 each month. Unfortunately, you cannot get add-on discounts for your friends or family.

Fitness 19 Guest Pass

Looking to up your fitness regime by joining a gym? There are many things for beginners and even regulars to consider when looking for permanent membership. Then, due to a large number of fitness centers across the country, there is plenty of choices, all claiming to be better than one another. For those who are unsure, taking advantage of the Fitness 19 guest pass is a great way to see just what this gym offers.

The best thing is just how easy it is to gain a free trial at Fitness 19. It is just a case of visiting their website and finding out which center is closest to your location. After that, you can fill out a simple form. You can expect to enjoy a free Fitness 19 guest pass in no time. After filling out your name, email, and phone number, it is just a case of waiting for the email with the pass attached.

The Fitness 19 guest pass is valid for 3 days, and can only be used once in a six-month time period. Only one person can use this pass at a time and you will need a photographic ID upon your arrival at the center when checking in. Then, the pass will only last for 15 days after it has been emailed to you. So, be sure to take advantage of it and see what’s on offer at Fitness 19.

There is also a free trial Fitness 19 Guest Pass, you can check it out. Also, you check the Fitness 19 Hours and Locations. You can check out their website.


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