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Lifetime Fitness is not only one of the most high-quality fitness centers in the country, but they are also one of the most convenient. With hundreds of locations and many large complexes filled with all sorts of fantastic equipment, they are ideal for any fitness fanatics who want to get a lot out of their membership. Gym memberships can be costly, yet Lifetime Fitness prices are all about providing you with a membership that gives you value for your money. The memberships are also flexible, which always makes life a bit easier, as not everyone is looking for the same type of gym membership. The tables below will give an excellent idea about Lifetime Fitness prices and costs :

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Lifetime Fitness membership costs vary depending on what you are looking for. Individuals looking for a membership have some great options available to them, whether you are looking to pay in one lump sum or month-by-month.

Initiation fees for all types of memberships cost $79. There are two options available for those seeking monthly memberships. Single club access is understandably cheaper costing $63, which is great for those who live near a complex that they will regularly use.

For those who like to travel or just live near many locations and wish to have a variety of options available to them. Lifetime fitness has a range of different facilities that offer different services, which makes access to all clubs more than viable, and it only costs $77 each month.

For those who wish to pay all of the fees upfront and not have to worry about monthly payments being taken off, you can pay an annual fee. Lifetime Fitness price for this is only $935, and considering the number of services and locations this gets you into, it’s more than a sound investment.

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Dual & Family

There are numerous reasons why you may want to get a dual or family membership. Not only does it come with Lifetime Fitness affordable membership costs, but it’s great for those who are struggling to find time to get to the gym due to having children.

Not many gyms offer child care services, especially ones that stimulate them and keep them occupied for up to two hours at a time. This means that mom or dad get to squeeze in some fitness time.

The initiation fee for this membership is the standard rate of $79 and for two memberships that have access to every club, a monthly fee is added on of $121. To add a child onto these memberships, it will only cost a further $20 each month – to qualify, a child must be 12 or under.

Conversely, those looking to make one off-payment for their membership can pay an annual fee for $1499. This offers the chance to save some money, and is great for anyone who will be regularly going to the gym with their partner, a friend or a family member who can split the cost.


Lifetime Fitness Benefits: Are the Lifetime Fitness Prices Worth It?

Now that you have heard the Lifetime Fitness prices for each membership, you might be thinking that it seems a bit pricey. However, Lifetime Fitness is more than just your average gym. They offer several benefits that many other gyms do not offer. Lifetime Fitness is ideal if you’re looking for more than just a gym, it’s more for if you want a lifestyle center.

The Best Details

Lifetime Fitness prides itself on the fine details that they offer that many other gyms do not. They say that you will “fall in love” with their “thoughtfully designed spaces and luxurious amenities.” Some of these spaces and amenities include:

  • Dedicated family locker rooms
  • Private locker rooms
  • Premium toiletries & hair dryers
  • Fresh towel service
  • Saunas
  • Steam rooms
  • Lounges with WiFi
  • Whirlpools

Basic Gym Equipment (That Are Anything but Basic)

Lifetime Fitness offers all of the basic gym equipment that you could possibly ask for, and then some. All of their equipment is top of the line, and you’re sure to find something that you’ll use in your routine. This equipment includes:

  • Strength machines
  • Cardio machines
  • Free weights & kettlebells
  • Olympic-style weight platforms
  • Stretching areas & equipment
  • Functional training areas
  • Online weight loss program
  • Workout workshops

Unlimited Classes

An amazing perk of Lifetime Fitness is that unlimited classes are included in your membership. These will keep your workouts fun and will give you something new to try. They offer a wide variety of different classes, including:

  • Gluteus Maxout
  • ROOT Yoga
  • EDG Cycle
  • Kettlebell Kombine
  • Warrior Sculpt
  • FLOW Yoga
  • PWR Cycle
  • Barbell Strength
  • Strike
  • Life Barre
  • BE Yoga
  • AMP Cycle


There are a lot of different sports that you have the opportunity to play or try at Lifetime Fitness. These include:

  • Cycle club
  • Pickup basketball
  • Squash
  • Volleyball
  • Pickleball
  • Open swim
  • Rock climbing
  • Racquetball
  • Run club
  • Soccer

Kids & Family

Lifetime Fitness is proud to take care of your children for you while you work out. They know that children are a huge reason why a lot of people can’t make it to the gym, so they want to take that burden off your shoulders for a little while so that you can get your workout in. They take care of your kids through:

  • Up to 3 hours of care daily
  • Kids activities
  • Infant room
  • Academy classes


Whether you just want a relaxing float in the pool or an intense swimming workout, Lifetime Fitness is the place to do it. They have both indoor and outdoor pools, but there might be additional fees to use them in addition to your membership fees. Their aquatics amenities include:

  • Two-story waterslides
  • Open swim
  • Whirlpools
  • Separate indoor leisure and lap pools
  • Cabanas
  • Separate outdoor leisure and lap pools
  • Certified lifeguards
  • Zero-depth entry


Lifetime Fitness routinely offers many different events, and one is bound to fit your lifestyle. These include:


  • Social events
  • Fitness events
  • Family events

Specialty Programs

These all require additional fees than just membership costs, but here are some of the additional specialty programs offered by Lifetime Fitness:

  • Soccer leagues
  • Full-service salon and spa
  • School break and summer camps
  • Assessments
  • Swim lessons and teams
  • Cafe & poolside bistro
  • Birthday parties
  • Nutritionals
  • Tennis
  • Physical therapy & chiropractic care
  • Parents night out events
  • Reformer Pilates
  • Personal, small group & alpha training
  • Basketball training & leagues
  • Martial arts

Our Final Thoughts on Lifetime Fitness Prices

Obviously, Lifetime Fitness prices are a bit higher than the average gym’s. However, it is obviously extremely worth it, based on everything that comes with the membership. We do only recommend, though, getting a membership to Lifetime Fitness if you’re planning on taking advantage of the extra perks. If you’re not, and just want something with basic gym equipment, then this is not going to be worth it for you. If you’re looking for more of a lifestyle center than just a plain old gym, then be sure to check out Lifetime Fitness.



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