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Palm Beach Tan prices are very affordable, sitting somewhere in the mid-to-lower price ranges. The costs of their services depends on various factors, such as the level of tanning you receive, whether you have a membership with Palm Beach Tan, and any additives used with your tan.

Walk-in tans are certainly affordable here and are a clear example of the great rates of Palm Beach Tan prices. They start as low as $35 for the entry level tans, and only costs an additional $5 if opting for the highest.These can be reduced should you have a premier membership, with walk-in tan prices costing $10 less.

Similarly, you can find even better Palm Beach Tan prices when taking out a package of tans. This is ideal for those who frequent tanning salons, as they can come back whenever they want to get a top-up.

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When using the walk-in service with a package of 3 it only costs $90 and $105 for each level, working out even cheaper for each individual tan you receive. Combine this with a premier membership and it gets even cheaper!

Palm Beach Tan Membership Prices

[ad type=”square”]Palm Beach Tan’s prices can be reduced when you have a membership, with options available for both sunbed tans and spray tans.

Sunbed memberships will cost you a one off-payment of $20 followed by the fee of the membership itself, which is available in bronze ($19.95), silver ($29.95), Gold ($49.95), platinum ($65.95) and diamond ($119.95).

Each level offers certain tanning services, with bronze being the most basic and diamond offering unlimited access to both sunless and sunbed tanning services.

For an additional $10 you can make these flex program memberships, with the expectation of the platinum and diamond memberships as these are already part of the flex program.

For spray tan services, the Sunless membership option allows for various levels of spray tanning, with the cost of each increasing accordingly.

Each program offers bonuses, discounts, and all manner of savings. The longer you hold your membership the better the rewards will be, and anyone that opts to upgrade a level will get a nice bonus too.

So if you are a regular user of tanning services such as these, taking out a membership here allows for perhaps the biggest savings from Palm Spring Tan.

About Palm Beach Tan

Palm Beach Tan is a chain of beauty salons that specialises in providing a range of tanning services. They have numerous salons located in 31 states throughout the country, so whether you want to get that amazing look for a night out or are looking to get a nice base tan before jetting off on holiday, Palm Beach Tan is one of the best known names around.
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