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With over 30 years’ experience, First Choice Haircutters remains one of the most popular hairdressing franchises in the country today. Providing hair-care services for men, women, and children, First Choice Haircutters offers affordable haircuts, styles, and coloring, as well as selling a line of hair-care products. Browse table below to get a good idea of First Choice hours of operations and finding the nearest first choice location near you.

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[ad type=”square”]First Choice Haircutters have hundreds of different locations throughout the US and Canada, and hours of operations can vary from location to location. All salons tend to operate with long hours in any case, making them very handy indeed!

First Choice Haircutter Hours

For the most part, all Frist Choice hours for opening start at 9 am, Monday to Saturday. Like most other businesses, they operate with reduced hours on Sundays, opening at 11 am at most locations.

Closing hours at First Choice Haircutters are also quite standard, although you may find some that have longer hours than others. For example, the majority of First Choice Haircutters have closing hours of 7 pm on weekdays, but some close later at 8 pm in certain locations.

Not only that, but some locations will close earlier on weekdays, with some closing as early as 5.30/6 pm.

The weekends have more standard closing hours at First Choice Haircutters, closing at 6 pm on Saturdays at 5 pm – although some salons can close as early as 3pm on a Sunday so be sure to double check!

As you can see, the hours can certainly differ from each location, so it may be worthwhile to contact your local First Choice Haircutters to find out precise times!

First Choice Haircutters Locations

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There are over 400 First Choice Haircutters located through North America, so there is a good chance there could be a salon nearby. The easiest way to check for any First Choice Haircutters location is by using their salon locator tool.

Just enter info such as your zip, address, city, or province/state to find any nearby First Choice Haircutters locations.

This will provide you will all kinds of helpful info on each particular salon, including services offered, exact hours of operations, directions, and contact information. They even list what hair-care products are available too!
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