Gold’s Gym Prices in 2022

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Gold’s Gym is one of the pioneers of the health and fitness industry. So, having opened its first gym 50 years ago in 1965. Also, having produced some of the most famous bodybuilders of our time. It includes Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gold’s Gym is one of the most famous establishments worldwide – today’s client base is over 3 million people! Gold’s gym prices are always budget-friendly. Also, it is a great alternative for those who are serious about the weight lifting aspect of the gym.

Start Up Fees Per Person$74.00
Facility Maintenance Fee$39.00
Late Fee $19.50
12 Month Contract
Individual Membership
Couple (2 Adults)
2nd person $25

Couple with 1 Minor
Includes Children Program
24 Month Contract
Individual Membership
Couple (2 Adults)
Second Person
Couple with 1 Minor
Includes Children Program
No Start Up Fee & No Facility Maintenance Fee
Individual Membership$348.00
Couple (2 Adults)
Second person $300
Cancellation Fees$89.00
Cancellation Fees
Move 15 miles +
w/ 30 Day notice
Cancellation Fee
Transfer to Another Individual
Cancellation Fees
Medical Reasons &

Gold’s Gym Prices

The prices differ depending on the type of membership chosen.

Gold’s Gym Monthly Membership

The Gold’s Gym prices include monthly memberships for those who don’t want to make any long-term commitments. Yet, still take advantage of all the great services available. The monthly contracts come at great prices, with only $74 for setting up fees along with the facility maintenance fee of $39. So, there is a late fee charge too, at $19.50

12-Month Contract

Gold’s Gym prices are aimed to give you more value for money the longer you commit. For those looking for a 12-month contract, they will cost less at $29. Signing up as a couple with two memberships means the second person will only have to pay $25. Also, those hoping to be a minor and take advantage of the gym’s children’s program can do so for an extra $8.

24-Month Contract

The rates further decrease with a 24-month contract, with individual fees costing $24, two adults at $49, with the addition of a minor for only $6. So, as it is a longer contract this is best made when fully committed to being fit and becoming a regular member.

Gold’s Gym Annual Membership

NO Start or Facility Maintenance Fees.

Paying the entire annual amount can cost as little as $32 per month, with the annual fee costing  $384, again if two sign up as a couple, the second member will only have to pay $300. So, there are no start-up or faculty maintenance fees when selecting the annual membership

For further information on Gold’s Gym visit their Official Website here.

There is also a free trial Gold’s Gym Guest Pass, you can check it out. Also, you check the Gold’s Gym Hours and Locations.

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