Beach Bum Tanning prices are actually very respectable and can certainly be afforded by most. As a luxury salon they do provide some other high-end services, so while some tanning services can be costlier than others, there is still plenty of value to be had.

The type of tanning you opt for tends to affect the overall cost of Beach Bum Tanning prices, with the cheapest sunbed option available for only $9 without an appointment. This is very reasonable especially when you consider there is no appointment necessary, and even the most expensive option here will set you back $30.

Airbrush tans are on the costlier side, but as these are a much more complex tanning solution and of much better quality in general, they are still reasonably priced in the mid-range.



Perhaps the best part of Beach Bum Tanning prices is the ability to save the more you use them. Many people love getting their tan worked on, be it in a sunbed or a spray tan, so lots of customers will come back for more services in the near future.

If this is your type of thing, then you could take advantage of the package deals that are available. These allow you to buy a set of tanning services that can be used whenever you want, for example you can buy 5 for $36, which would normally cost $9 each time meaning you have made a saving by taking out the package options.

The bigger the packages the bigger the savings!

This is similar to monthly passes that are available, which allow unlimited tanning services for the month, so even more money can be saved if you are a regular visitor to Beach Bum Tanning. Monthly passes are available for as little as $19, with all access passes available for the great price of $99 – this allows for even more savings at Beach Bum Tanning.


As previously mentioned, the majority of Beach Bum Tanning’s services are tanning. This includes top of the range sunbeds and stand-up units along with various spray tanning services.

Airbrushes and sunless booths are different types of spray tans that are available and these will cost more than standard sunbeds. Standard sunbeds can offer different types of tanning services too, such as facial tans, shoulder tans, and aromatherapy.

There are some other beauty treatments that are also available here, including massage therapies, express Botox and fillers, and fit body slimming wraps.

About Beach Bum Tanning

Beach Bum Tanning is a chain of luxury salons that specialize in a range of tanning services, including offering top of the range sunbeds and spray tans. They also offer a range of other salon services, including facials, eyelash extensions, and skin treatments. Beach Bum Tanning is most situated in and around the east coast area.


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