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As part of the Signature Style brand of hair-salons, Holiday Hair offers a quality service at an affordable price. You will find typical salon treatments at each location, including cut and styles, color treatments, and a range of other beauty services such as facial waxing and deep conditioning.

Holiday Hair is a great location to head to for anyone needing a haircut as they provide services for not just men and women, but children too. This makes them the ideal salon for families, as everyone can get their hair done in the one location!

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Holiday Hair Hours – Set One

[ad type=”square”]There are currently two predominant set of hours at Holiday Hair, with the first of these being the most common of the two.

The first set of hours at Holiday Hair has opening times of 9 am throughout the entire week, with the exception of Sunday, which opens later at 11 am.

Closing hours for this first set are also straightforward, closing at 8 pm on weekdays. Weekends have slightly earlier closing hours, with service stopping at 6 pm on Saturday and 5pm on Sunday.

In general, these more common hours should work well for most customers, as they offer both early openings and late closing times, making them rather useful for most situations.

Holiday Hair Hours – Set Two

The second set of hours at Holiday Hair are less common but many salons will operate with these times.

These hours are notable for their earlier opening times, with these Holiday Hair salons opening at 8am Monday to Saturday. Sundays open an hour later at 9am, which is still a great opening time for a salon on a Sunday.

Closing hours are more comparable with the first set, with a weekday closing time of 8pm found at most locations. Weekends will again have different times from weekdays, closing at 6pm on Saturdays and 4pm on Sundays.

The earlier opening hours at these Holiday Hair salons will certainly be appealing to a broad spectrum of customers. Anyone that needs an early appointment, typically for special occasions or to get an appointment before work, will find the 8am opening more than helpful in this regard.

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Holiday Hair Locations

To find your nearest Holiday Hair location, simply visit the salon locator page here. It can search for a nearby Holiday Hair location via geolocation, your zip code or city, and will provide a list of any relative results.

This is a simple way to find any Holiday Hair locations along with handy info such as contact information and hours of operations.

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