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Hollywood Nails is a beauty salon that specializes in nail treatments and services. A comprehensive list of nail services can be found here, including manicures, pedicures, and artificial nails. They even offer treatments for children, making them an ideal place to treat any younger girls looking for a fun day at the salon. Browse the table below to get a good idea of hollywood nails hours of operation.

There isn’t just nail treatments available at Hollywood Nails, with both waxing and eyebrow treatments available too. Regardless of the service, prices at Hollywood Nails offer great value for money and you can even get a treatment without booking an appointment

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Hollywood Nails Hours

[ad type=”square”]For the most part, Hollywood Nails use standard hours of operations. For example, opening hours at Hollywood Nails are generally at 10 am Sunday to Friday, with Saturday opening earlier at 9 am.

The closing hours are Hollywood Nails are also quite straightforward. Monday through to Saturday all use the same closing time of 7.30pm, while Sunday closes at the slightly earlier time of 6pm.

Although standard, these hours at Hollywood Nails should offer plenty of time to get any treatment either before or after work. Also, they offer ample time for children to get some treatments done do, closing a good few hours after school finishes and being open throughout the weekend.

Hollywood Hair Locations:

You can use google.com/maps to find the nearest hollywood hair location near you by just simply entering ‘hollywood hair’ followed by your zip code. Many times it will also list the exact hours of the particular location.

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