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Curves fitness centers are specially geared towards helping woman achieve all of their health and fitness goals, from weight loss to general fitness improvement. With thousands of locations throughout the United States, they have become one of the top brand fitness franchises to emerge in the last 20 years.

Geared towards a female market, those who are looking to take advantage of Curves prices can be sure they will be getting incredible value for money. With the standard gym equipment such as cardio, strength and free weights, Curves also offers a comprehensive list of fitness classes and programes specially designed towards females looking for a top quality fitness experience.

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Curves Prices

[ad type=”square”]Curves is based on using 30 minute workout routines designed to help women who are looking to lose weight or are just trying to keep it off. There are various stations in each gym, all of which have different types of exercise that will help females depending on their levels of fitness.

Women who have no experiences going to the gym need not worry, as this is the exact type of clientele that curves specializes in. They want to make it easier for women who have never had much fitness experiences, and make it easy and comfortable for them to do.

Not many gyms take the time to coach as thoroughly as curves do. Many women who have confidence issues with their weight or trying exercise routines won’t be shrugged off here. A lot of time and consideration is put into making it a very friendly environment, one of the many ways it is geared towards the female demographic.

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Basic Membership 

Curves prices for the basic membership costs $149.99. There are two options available to those looking for this membership, and that is to pay a month by month basis or to pay a full years membership in one payment.

The monthly fee will cost $35 per month, with the prepaid 12 month option costing $415.

Premium Membership

Curves prices for premium membership comes with a one off joining fee payment of $149.99. The monthly cost for a premium membership is $64, with a one off prepaid payment option costing $545.


Fitness Membership Prices

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