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Brazilian Wax is an independent chain of beauty salons that specializes in waxing services. Brazilian founder Andreia Guilmet has over 25 years training in professional waxing, having used a personal philosophy to help her become one of the most successful aestheticians in all of Atlanta. You can get a great idea of Brazilian Wax Prices by browsing the tables below. The price list is prepared to get a fair knowledge of how much you should expect to pay for various services offered by Brazilian Wax Salon.

Her philosophy is simple – offer high quality waxing through extraordinary customer service and providing exceptional value for money. Brazilian Wax prices certainly reflect this, being some of the most affordable around!

Brazilian Wax Prices for Her

Brazilian Wax prices are some of the best around for waxing treatments. There is a fair number of different waxing treatments available here for customers, from eyebrows and bikini lines to legs and upper lips.

Regardless of the type of waxing that is needed, Brazilian Wax’prices never reach excessive amounts. For example, prices at Brazilian Wax start as low as $5 for a chin or upper wax! The average price of treatments is a little higher than this, with most costing an average of $20-$25.

Prices here are based around the area of the body that requires waxed. The bigger (and hairier!) that area is, the more the waxing will cost. For instance, an under-arm waxing is available for $10 while a half arm costs $20. You can even opt for a full arm for $25, showcasing where Brazilian Wax’s prices offer great value for money.

Prices at Brazilian Wax remain in $20 region for the most part. For instance, a bikini line or half leg costs $25 and you can get a stomach and back Brazilian for $20 each. Some cost more, like a Brazilian wax which is $35 or the full leg wax for $40.

However, you can get a full body wax for just $65! This is far cheaper than getting many individual wax treatments separately, showing just how good Brazilian Wax prices are!

Brazilian Wax Prices for Him

Many modern men enjoy a good waxing too and they can find just as affordable prices at Brazilian Wax as females.

There are obvious differences in some of the wax treatments between men and women of course. For example, male wax services include nose, ears, shoulders and chests, which are necessary for males only.

Brazilian Wax prices for male treatments are roughly the same however, although they tend to average around $10 or $30 – men have either more or less hair that needs waxing depending on the area!

For example, a nose, shoulders, or ear wax is available for $10 each. Areas such as the stomach, chest, back, and buttocks are available for $30 each. Some cost more, such as a full leg wax that costs $40 or a bikini line for $35.

Better still, men can enjoy a full body wax for only $175. Again, like full body waxing for females, this offers the chance for quit the savings and highlights just how good Brazilian Wax prices are for men and women!