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GoodLife Fitness is the largest health and fitness club chain in Canada. With over 300 locations throughout the country, they have remained incredibly popular, and are known for their flexible memberships, fitness classes and training programs along with their top range equipment that includes free weights and cardio and strength equipment. Not just that, but GoodLife Fitness prices are some of the most competitive in the country, allowing you to find the perfect membership at the right cost. So for those looking for a top of the range fitness centre in Canada that won’t break the bank needn’t look further than GoodLife Fitness.

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GoodLife Fitness Prices

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Many gym memberships come with hidden fees and charges all over the place, amounting to some quite ridiculous prices. GoodLife Fitness prices on the other hand, couldn’t be more affordable.

There are two types of memberships on offer from GoodLife Fitness. Firstly they have a monthly membership option. It couldn’t be more straightforward, you can either take out the basic monthly membership that allows access to on club location. This is ideal if you are located close to a local fitness centre, and only costs $60 per month, with no other fees. That includes cancelation, which comes at no charge.

A premium monthly membership offers access to every single club in the country. That’s right, any GoodLife Fitness is open to you, and costing only $70 per month there is not much more of charge for this service. This is perfect for those are in close vicinity to several centres, allowing flexible access or those who travel the country yet want to have constant access to all of the great services on offer. Again, no cancelation fees come with this membership.

Annual memberships are also available, and they come with GoodLife Fitness fantastic prices. Many prefer to pay their fees in one lump sum, and the chance to do so comes with no extra fees or charges. The basic annual membership with one club access costs $715; with the premium membership will all club access cost just $840.

GoodLife Fitness Guest Pass

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Setting itself above the competition, the GoodLife Fitness Guest Pass is a great way to dip your toe into the water of fitness, as many people aren’t aware just how suitable it is for them. These people have a great opportunity on their hands, with the chance to take advantage of a seven day pass that gives you a taste of what GoodLife Fitness is all about.

The GoodLife Fitness Guest Pass includes free fitness classes, a 20 minute total body workout, free orientation and a lot more amazing benefits! All you need to do is fill in the details, including postal code, name, email and phone number. After that you will be contacted by one of your staff to let you know when your free pass is activated, and then you have 7 days to experience all the amazing equipment and services available in our fitness centres.

The only condition for this is that you have not had a membership with GoodLife Fitness in 12 months, and is limited to one pass per person, with it lasting total of 7 days!


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Fitness Membership Prices

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