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Fitness First prices are certainly affordable, and could be placed in the low-to-mid price range. What’s more is the fact that Fitness First prices have a lot of flexibility, allowing members to take out various payment options.

For example, a monthly plain is available for only $45 per month, which is great for those who are unsure as to how often they will use their membership. This involves know contract and is paid on a monthly basis – simply cancel it whenever it’s not being used.

People that are looking to commit for longer can opt for a three-month membership for just $99, saving some money in the process. This can be taken even further with the 1-year membership that costs only $358 (and an additional $50 initiation fee).

Going to the gym with a friend or partner on a regular basis? Then take out a two-person plan!

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Services and Amenities

[ad type=”square”]Fitness First likes to ensure only the best equipment is used at their clubs, so expect top-range cardio and weight training machinery. This makes Fitness First prices seem even better, as you know you are paying for access to some of the best and most modern equipment money can buy.

Moreover, you will find there are various classes that can be taken to help give you the best environment to achieve your fitness goals. For example, the Freestyle Group Training option is all about targeting muscles in an open environment to get the best movement possible.
While done as part of a class individual goals will be provided based on your own abilities and goals, helping to provide a fun yet challenging class that will really get you into shape – it’s something a little more creative than just hitting the gym on your own!

There are so many different training plans available to members that the Fitness First prices really do pay for themselves. You can find something that suits your own preferences or needs, from outdoor group training classes to fun dance-orientated classes.

You can even get personalized training plans and nutritional advice from the staff of every club. These are well-qualified trainers that can give you a more personalized feel to your fitness goals, so there are certainly a number of great services and amenities available for members of Fitness First.


Fitness First is one of the largest health club groups in the world, with over 360 clubs located in 16 countries. They have a large presence in the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia in particular, but have locations throughout Asia too. As of yet there are no Fitness First club’s located in the United States.


Fitness Membership Prices

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