Pure Barre Prices in 2022

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If you’ve ever watched a ballet dancer in awe and wonder, you’re not alone. Ballet is beautifully difficult and impressive. Unfortunately, only a select few people succeed at becoming professional ballet dancers. Fortunately, Pure Barre classes make it possible for anyone to try their hand at the intricate steps that lead to a ballet dancer’s enviable physique. The most important thing you must be wondering is what are Pure Barre prices and how much does all this cost?

Interested in trying out this incredible workout? You can get a great idea of Pure Barre prices from the tables below.

New Client Drop In$15.00
Single Class$21.00
1-Month Unlimited$195.00
3-Month Unlimited$465.00
6-Month Unlimited$870.00
Pure Platinum
12 Month Unlimited
2 Private Group or
1 on 1 Sessions
5 Class Pack$100.00
10 Class Pack$195.00
Private Barre
Private Group Class
Baby Bounce Back
3 Months Unlimited
Bride To Be
3 Months Unlimited
New Client Special
1 month
Pure Focus
Private One-on-one Sessions
30 Days
Summer Slim Down
2 months
Summer Slim Down
10 Class Pack
Teacher/ Employee
One Month

Pure Barre Prices

For such a uniquely effective workout class, Pure Barre pricing is astonishingly reasonable. Many gym memberships are more expensive than this and less efficient in accomplishing your goals. This exercise produces results quickly. Although, of course, it depends on how often and hard the client works out. Barre experts recommend clients work out at least three or four times a week in order to see the best results.

Presuming you do the class the suggested four times a week. If you choose the unlimited month-long pass, your daily pass is only a little over $12.00. So, if you choose the unlimited three-month pass, your daily value is almost $9.00. If you choose the unlimited six-month pass, your daily value comes out to be around $8.30. Obviously, this becomes a better deal the more times you go per week. Also, considering the success rate of this exercise, the Pure Barre Prices are a bargain.


Pure Barre is for just about anybody willing to try new things. It utilizes arguably one of the beautiful art forms, ballet, to create a full-body workout that will leave you feeling the burn. Every workout follows the same format. So, this workout isn’t for the person who enjoys drastic surprises. However, every class changes up the music and exercises – no two classes are ever the same.

The format is predictable, but the classes remain surprising. The classes all have an instructor at the forefront leading the class. So, it gives the community a personal touch. Client testimonials praise this format. They say each class feels like there’s a personal trainer. But the community is very much present, and no one feels alone during the exercise.


The Pure Barre classes begin with a warm-up in the center of the room on the floor, and then the clients sculpt their arms with light weights. Afterward, everyone moves to the ballet barre to work on their thighs and their seat. Then, is followed by a series of ab exercises, and finally, a cooldown.

Dancers are in incredible shape, but their grace and dedication are something that not everyone can or wants to commit to. Luckily, the genius behind Pure Barre, fitness guru Carrie Dorr, has made the mystique of ballet available to everyone.

Pure Barre is a rare find, proven to be one of the most effective workouts at burning fat and toning muscle. When considering how much is included in the Pure Barre prices, you’ll feel like you’re stealing from the company. These jam-packed fifty-five minutes will leave you feeling happily exhausted.

For more information about Pure Barre, visit their official website.