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Regal Nails prices offer incredible value for money and are amongst some of the most competitive you will likely find within the health and beauty industry. As their name implies, Regal Nails main focus in providing top quality nail treatments for affordable rates.

Regal Nails prices for nail treatments start as low as $14, and average prices for these rage in the $20 mark. Even the top nail services are affordable, costing around $20-$40 depending on what type of treatment is purchased.

As some nail salons can charge more than double these prices, it is safe to say that Regal Nails prices are aimed at providing great rates. This is evident across the board, as the majority of Regal Nails prices are in this price range – some are even cheaper!

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Regal Nails Prices

Waxing, pedicures, nail removals and a range of other services that are offered in a Regal Nails salon never cost too much, with many services available for under $10! Others fall into the $20 price range, and you will struggle to find a service that costs much more than $40.

That means you can head into your local salon and get many different beauty treatments without running up a huge bill, showcasing just how easy it is for a customer to take advantage of the great rates available with Regal Nails prices.

Services Available

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As to be expected, the rates of Regals Nails prices is based around the service offered. Manicures, pedicures and other nail treatments are the most expensive services found here, which is little surprise given that these are nail salons, but even then they are still much more affordable than many other salons.

You can get acrylic fills, deluxe pedicures, a mani/pedi combo, nail repairs, nail art and many other nail treatments that will leave you looking and feeling great.

Beyond than there are many other services available, all of which come with fantastic rates. Various waxing’s are available and you can also get some nice beauty treatments such as a foot mask or a seaweed wrap for your hands.

About Regal Nails

Regal Nails is a chain of nail salons that first opened in 1997. Found exclusively within Walmart stores, Regal Nails have gone on to become the biggest nail salon franchise in the country and now provide a wide range of beauty salon treatments.

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