[ad type=”msquare”]Fit Body Boot Camp prices are around the mid-range within the fitness and personal training industry, but this makes a lot of sense when you take into account that memberships offer unlimited training sessions that have been tailored to your own specific needs.

So when you take into account the amount of personalized training you actually receive, Fit Body Boot Camp prices seem pretty reasonable – many gyms charge much more just to use their equipment!

Prices for an individual include a modest starter fee (only $100) and monthly dues of only $199. This works out even cheaper if you go for the annual pavement option, so Fit Body Boot Camp prices can even offer you a saving or two!

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Taking out a joint membership for two adults is another way that Fit Body Boot Camp prices can be lowered even more, with a monthly fee of just $238.50 for two adults – that’s quite the saving! As with the individual membership, opting to make on annual payment can help lower Fit Body Boot Camp prices even more.

Services and Amenities 

[ad type=”square”]What makes Fit Body Boot Camp so unique is that they offer very personalized training regimes. Members work out in group glasses with personalized training, with strenuous high intensity interval training (HIIT) used to help blast away calories and aid in fast weight loss.

This makes them more unique than your traditional gym, but that is what makes them appealing for so many. Your work out as part of a group that challenges you to work your hardest whilst also offering a lot of fun. This is part exercise part socializing!

They use the perfect range of equipment for their After burn training, so while it may not feel like your traditional gym, you can be sure that its top of the range equipment that will only help improve your fitness levels!

The fact that you can make a bundle of savings with a two-person membership makes Fit Body Boot Camp a great place to head with a friend or partner. You can enjoy pushing each other to achieved your fitness goals, and before you now it you will both be in top shape!

Due the unique nature of Fit Body Boot Camp, it may not necessarily be appealing to everyone, but it certainly has its fans. If you have struggle to commit to getting into shape or even just regularly working out, this different type of gym could be the thing you were looking for!


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