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Palm Beach Tan is a chain of full-service tanning salons that provides a variety of tanning treatments. Not only can you get spray tans and sunbed tans at Palm Beach Tan, but also a combination of the two that offers the best of both!

There is also a range of premium skin care products available at Palm Beach Tan that will help customers get the most from their tan service, and customers can even join a membership scheme to enjoy a host of great rewards, discounts and promotions.

For anyone looking for quality, reliable tanning services, look no further than Palm Beach Tan. Browse Palm Beach Tanning hours to get a good idea of their opening and closing times.

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Palm Beach Tan Opening Hours

[ad type=”square”]Palm Beach Tan hours of operations are rather straightforward, enjoying opening early times and later closing hours. For example, most salons will open at 9am throughout the week, with Sunday being the exception.

Most Sunday opening hours at Palm Beach Tan is set for 10am, and you may also find some Palm Beach Tan salons that open at 8am on Saturdays as well!

Needless to say, these early opening times will be useful for a number of customers that are looking to get their tan treatments done early in the day!

Palm Beach Tan Closing Hours

Palm Beach Tan  hours for closing are also straight-forward and easy to remember. For instance, most salons close at 9pm on weekdays, offering ample time for anyone that finishes work later in the evening or for those who want to avoid busier times earlier in the day!

Better still, some locations will not close until 10pm, offering even more time to get your tanning treatments!

Weekends at Palm Beach Tan have shorter closing hours, usually at 8pm in most locations.

Palm Beach Tan Locations

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Finding any nearby Palm Beach Tan locations is simple enough to do thanks to their helpful salon locator.

This allows you to search for a nearby Palm Beach Tan salon using geolocation or by a particular zip code.

The results are pretty useful, as you can search a particular salon’s membership and pricing, any specials and coupons on offer, along with standard information such as directions, hours of operations and contact info.

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