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The YMCA is a global organisation with many branches, and one of the most prominent in the Unites States is their fitness centres. Its centres have a range of services that can appeal to people of all ages. From its strength, cardio and free weight equipment to swimming pools and basketball courts, there is so much you can find to keep fit. Luckily YMCA prices are more than affordable, and with a selection of flexible memberships available, anyone can benefit from joining.

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Basic Prices for YMCA Membership

[ad type=”square”]YMCA membership costs vary depending on your age, and with it being accessible to all age types, anyone can take advantage of the services on offer.

For youths or children aged 12 and under, there is a monthly fee of $10, and there is no joining fee either, making it an ideal selection for young people looking to enjoy some of its amenities. Teens aged 13-18 pay a monthly fee of $30, with a joining fee of $24.

YMCA prices offer great value for money for adults too, and not many places will offer better rates for younger adults. Those aged 19-24 pay a joining fee of $69, with a monthly fee of $37.

Adults age 24+ will pay the same joining fee of $69, and a monthly fee of $56. More money can be saved on your YMCA membership cost if two adults get a membership, with a joining fee of$99 and a monthly fee of only $81.

A special family membership is also available; this cost $99 for the joining fee and then a monthly fee of $88.

Seniors who are age 60+ can join for a fee of 469, with the monthly fee then costing $53. Again, YMCA prices can be made even cheaper by joining as a family, and with the senior family membership, you pay a $99 joining fee and only $75 per month after that, meaning those who join together can make great savings.

Prices for Prepaid Memberships

A semi-annual prepaid membership is also available, paying for a 6 month membership in one payment.  Again, YCMA’s prices will vary depending on age and how many are signing up, with more money to be saved with group memberships.

Forth youths (12 and under) it is $60, teens (13-18) is $180 and young adults (19-24) can get a prepaid membership for only $222.

Adults (24+) can get this membership for only $336, yet when two adult combine to get the one membership shared, it will be cheaper per adult, costing only $486 in total. A family membership offers savings too, costing only $528, allowing all the family to take advantage of the services on offer.

Seniors (60+) can get a single membership for a fee of $318, and can make more savings if they take the senior family option, that will only cost $450.

A full years membership can be purchased with the prepay option too.

Youths will cost $120, teens $360, and young adults $444.

Adults can get this membership for only $672, and cans have when joining with another adult, costing just $972. A family membership option will cost $1056.

Seniors taking this membership can expect to pay $636, with the senior family option costing $900.

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Fitness Membership Prices

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