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Sports Clips Prices

For men and women looking for a great barber shop experience, Sports Clips is a great option. With experienced stylists, casual, fast service, and a sports themed environment, Sports Clips is a high quality and affordable alternative to more expensive salons. Sports Clips prices are affordable for nearly anyone.

Sports Clips Prices

So, what does a haircut cost at Sports Clips? There are several options available, so customers can customize their experience to something that fits their needs and budget. Sports Clips prices may vary slightly by location, but you can generally expect to pay between $17 and $36 depending on the specific service and amenities desired.

An Option for Everyone

For a great haircut with no extra frills, you can expect to pay about $17 for a Varsity haircut; there are discounts available for children and seniors. If you're looking for something a little more relaxing or luxurious, you my be interested in the Triple Play or the MVP Experience.

The Triple Play, which costs around $22, includes a consultation with a stylist and a precision haircut as well as a “legendary” hot steamed towel wrap and massaging tea tree shampoo and leave-in conditioner. The MVP Experience, which costs around $24, contains the same amenities as the Triple Play but increases the luxury with a relaxing neck and shoulder treatment.

You also have the option to double or even triple the experience, with a longer massage treatment (double or triple the time) at an extra cost.

Extras and Add-Ons

Sports Clips offers free neck trims between haircuts, which is a great feature if your looks needs a refresher but you aren't quite due for a full treatment. They also offer beard trims and detailing for around $7.

Something for Everyone

From basic haircuts (Varsity) to luxurious, salon-style experiences (Triple Play and MVP Experience), Sports Clips offers an option to fit every budget. While Sports Clips is typically marketed towards men and boys, all stylists can cut women's hair, making this a perfect place to bring the whole family.

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