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Are you looking for free workout plans? There is no need to spend a fortune on fitness programs and workout plans to get in shape. We have selected some of the best free fitness resources to help you get in shape.

​Workout plans and programs can cost several hundreds of dollars. If you want to get in shape or want to find more varied workouts for your fitness program, you should know that there are plenty of free resources you can use. We have put together a list of our favorite resources for free workout plans.

​Muscle And Strength

​Muscle And Strength

​The official Muscle And Strength website has a huge database of free workouts. We like this resources because there are tools designed to help you find the right workout routine for your needs.

You can look for workouts designed to achieve a specific goal like losing weight or building your strength. You can also browse workouts by fitness levels, or find workouts that will target a specific muscle group.

Each workout plan is extremely detailed. There is an article explaining how the routine was designed and what it will help you achieve.

There is a convenient summary that will tell you how long completing the workout should take and the equipment you will need.

The free workout plans also include a list of all the exercises you will need to be familiar with. The purpose of each exercise is explained in details.

You will also find a PDF file you can download and print. Make sure you check the site often since new workout plans are added regularly.

​Free Trainers

Free Trainers

​Free Trainers has a very helpful and active online community and a great selection of free workouts. You can browse for gym and home workouts, find circuits designed for those who want to work out with an exercise ball and other pieces of equipment or look for cardio workout routines.

We like this free resource because the site includes a calendar and will take you through some steps to customize your workout plan.

Each workout routine can be customized in function of your fitness level. Once you select a workout, you will be prompted to answer a few questions about your level and how often you want to exercise.

A customized workout plan is then generated, and daily workouts are added to your calendar. We love the fact that the workouts are flexible. Your daily workouts are organized in different sections with a specific purpose. Each section lets you choose between different exercises that achieve this purpose.

Being able to choose between different exercises is an interesting feature since not two workouts will be the same. If you aren’t familiar with an exercise, click on it and a pop-up will open to show you how to perform the exercise.

​Fitness Blender

​Fitness Blender

​Fitness Blender primarily sells workout plans, but the site also has a small selection of free workouts. These plans are an interesting free resource because you can download printables that contain all the information you need.

These are workouts you can do at home without any special equipment. You can find workout routine printables to help you lose weight, increase your speed, and achieve other goals.

We like these free workout plans because they include warm-ups and cool-downs. Taking time to warm up and cool down is an important part of working out, but many fitness plans briefly mention it without explaining how to do it properly.

Most of these workout plans can be customized. There are a few core exercises you will need to stick to, but the plans usually include a few days where you can choose a light cardio activity. We like these workouts because they are designed to help you get results fast, and you will get to do a different workout every day.

​Muscle & Fitness

​Muscle & Fitness

​The Muscle & Fitness website has an impressive collection of workouts created by professional trainers. Most of these workouts aren’t made with beginners in mind. We recommend this website to users who have been working out for a while and who want to find new challenges.

This website will provide you with a new workout every day. You can also visit the extensive exercise database to find new exercises to add to your workouts and watch videos showing you how to do these exercises with good form.

The workout routines are easy to customize. Each workout plan is presented in details. The plans usually include a table that sums up the routines. You can either print the table or easily reproduce it.

There is more content explaining how the workout routine was put together and how to get the most out of it. There are some explanations for each exercise and how to perform it properly. You will learn a lot about important fitness principles while completing these workouts.



​We like this website because it takes a very interesting approach to fitness and makes working out accessible to everyone. You will find a huge collection of printables where each exercise is illustrated in a couple of steps.

Each workout plan features different levels. You can choose a workout routine, stick to it for a while, and progress through different levels by doing more reps.

This visual approach makes working out fun and will help you discover new exercises. We recommend this website if you are looking for something new and fun. You can even find movie and video game-themed workouts!

There are plenty of free resources you can use to assess your current fitness level and figure out what your goals should be. You can browse through workouts by muscle groups, look for cardio workouts, or take a look at the featured workout of the day.

Most of these workouts don’t require any equipment or make creative use of things you already have at home. You can also create a personalized collection of workouts so you always have something new to try.

​Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

​Nike Training Club is a free app that includes more than 100 different workout plans. Getting access to these free workout plans is convenient if you like to exercise outdoors.

The app gives you access to additional information for each workout routine. You can tap on an exercise to watch a quick video showing you how to perform the exercise. You can also share your progress on the app, and interact with other users.

You can use the app to create a personalized training plan and track your progress. If you miss a workout, the app will make changes to your plan and have you perform a few additional reps over the next few days to make up for the workout you missed.

You can also connect the app with compatible wearables to collect data on your fitness program. You can use a fitness tracker to see how many steps you take in a day or how many calories you burn. This is an interesting feature, but you can use the app without purchasing a wearable.

​Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness

​​If you want to get in shape but traditional workout plans aren’t appealing, Nerd Fitness was made for you. This company has created a unique approach to fitness and primarily sells workout plans.

However, there are enough free resources available on this website to help you get started and adopt healthier habits. You can use these free resources to start exercising regularly and learn enough about fitness to create personalized workout plans.

This website takes a unique approach to fitness by blending video games and traditional role-playing games elements with exercising. You can create a character just like you would in a traditional RPG and earn XP points by completing quests and achievements.

The quests are workouts and other activities designed to help you get in shape and adopt a healthier lifestyle. The system is designed to always challenge you and to make you want to complete the next workout.

We think Nerd Fitness is a fun resource for beginners since you can learn a lot about the principles behind workout plans and read about nutrition.

​Breaking Muscle

​Breaking Muscle

​We recommend this website to those who are looking for advanced workouts. Most of the workout plans emphasize weightlifting.

Breaking Muscle is an interesting resource if you have an advanced fitness level and would like to get into weightlifting or if you have been lifting weights for a while and are looking for new challenges.

Each workout plan includes extensive details about the benefits of each exercise. This information makes it easy to determine which plans are most-suited for your weight lifting goals. You can also easily customize the workout plans once you know about the benefits of each exercise.

The website includes videos to show you how to do the different exercises with a good posture. Most of the circuits presented on the website are designed to last between six and eight weeks.

We like the Subversive Fitness Series published on this website. This series will provide you with a new workout every day.

These free workout plans will help you get in shape. Make sure you pick workout routines that are adapted to your current fitness levels and that will help you achieve your goals!

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