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Does it feel like you are always lacking the energy to really push yourself during your workouts? Then maybe you need to get some better fuel to help get you there! Eating food before we work out is vitally important as whatever we consume is going to help give us the power and energy required for a quality session.

This applies to every type person working out, be it for weight loss or to just keep in good shape, so it is essential that we give ourselves proper nutritional intake to guarantee we gain the most out of working out. The better the food, the better the workout!

Plus, when we don’t eat the right food or any food at all before we hit the gym, then it will make the entire workout less effective and could leave you feeling fatigued!  So What are few of the Best Pre Out Foods

Let’s take a look at some pre-workout foods that you should definitely be eating:

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Bananas have been a long-time favorite pre-workout snack for gym-goers and fitness freaks. Carbohydrates provide our bodies with the energy we need for a good workout session, and bananas are packed with digestible carbohydrates that can give us the fuel we need to push hard.

Not only that, but bananas have high potassium content which can help to aid nerve and muscle functioning. Wait around 30 minutes after eating your banana before starting your workout, or longer if you have eaten it alongside something else.

Yogurt with Fruit

Yogurt provides a fine source of high-quality protein which can be a big help in aiding muscle recovery after your workouts, so be sure to add this if doing weight training. The addition of fruit provides a nice dose of carbs too, although many people tend to forget this.

Adding lots of fruit will be a good source of easily digestible carbs, which is particularly useful for anyone that prefers to workout not long after breakfast. Yogurt and fruit provides a tasty meal that can be quickly digested and fuel your work out in no time at all.

 Wholegrain Breads

Wholegrain bread ample carbs to help fuel your workouts, and can be easily combined with all manner of toppings and additions. From peanut butter to a hard-boiled egg there are countless ways to enjoy wholegrain breads with other foods that will have you working out harder than ever.

It can even work with meats in the form of a sandwich to get some added protein goodness that will have your working out harder than ever. Allow four 30-45 minutes to digest before starting your workout!

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A nice bowl of oatmeal is teeming with carbohydrates to help fuel our workouts, but the high presence of fiber means our bodies digest them nice and slowly, resulting in consistent energy levels that won’t drop.

Enjoy a cup of oats a minimum of

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