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If you’re wondering what a health coach is, you’re in good company. The job title isn’t as well-known as it should be.

So What Exactly is a Health Coach?

A health coach is a mentor who will offer counsel on how to achieve healthy goals through proper nutrition and positive lifestyle adjustments.

Health coaches do what doctors don’t have time to do. They develop a deep relationship with you, giving specific advice on the daily choices you can make that will influence your health.

Some health coaches work closely with doctors and their patients to assist those suffering from dangerous illnesses. For example, the coach may mentor a person with diabetes who has trouble choosing the right foods and sticking to a beneficial eating plan.

A health coach is not a physician, however, and therefore, doesn’t cross the line by instructing someone to alter or eliminate his doctor-prescribed routine for taking medicine or medical treatments.

Some coaches maintain standalone private practices while others work in conjunction with other wellness experts in a clinic-style setting, in a hospital or a fitness club.

Are Health Coaches Something New?

Health coaches have been around for a while but in a different form.

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At one time, they were found mainly in the world of insurance where they served as an intermediary between the insurance company and the insured person to offer advice on which healthcare practices the company would authorize.

Today, doctors use health coaches to help patients adhere to a wellness plan.

Likewise, patients use coaches to help them communicate their circumstances and their needs to their doctor and staff.

The demand for coaches continues to grow as people in general, and Americans in particular, become more committed to the idea of preventative healthcare.

Is a Health Coach Similar to a Personal Trainer?

A health coach and a personal trainer have much in common but are not the same. Like a personal trainer, a health coach will try to motivate you to press forward toward your wellness goals.

A personal trainer, though, specializes in the exercise component of health.

The health coach takes a more general overall view. He considers everything that you’re doing that’s either assisting you to achieve better health or undermining your best effort.

Personal trainers and health coaches are not in competition with each other. In fact, they may work in the same health club. They each perform valuable services by making lives better.

What Skills Does a Health Coach Have?

A good health coach is a good listener.

To assist you, your coach knows that he must first hear you.

You also need not worry about being judged. Your health coach will not try to make you feel guilty for having neglected your health over the years. He’s there to help you chart your future not criticize your past.

It’s wise to choose a coach who has attended a health coach institute.

You want a professional health coach who has received extensive training from an accredited facility such as the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Integrative Nutrition specializes in helping people obtain their health coach certification.

How Will a Health Coach Improve My Lifestyle?

A health coach will impact your lifestyle in at least three ways.

1. A Health Coach Will Help You Find the Food Your Body Loves

There is no diet plan proven to work well for everyone. Therefore, your health coach will create an eating regimen tailored to your biology.

You may unknowingly be damaging your health by following one of the well-known diets on the market. Your body may not respond well to the trendy diet, perhaps creating additional health issues. Instead, you may need a meal plan that differs so much from the norm that you would never have stumbled upon it alone.

2. A Health Coach Will Help You Get the Most Out of the Healthcare System

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People often feel more comfortable discussing their health issues with a coach than with a physician. There’s something about that white coat and stethoscope, not to mention that Ph.D. hanging on the wall, which intimidates people.

Once your coach gets a solid understanding of your situation, he can then assist you in explaining your background to your doctor.

He can also help you understand what your doctor is trying to communicate to you.

3. A Health Coach Life Will Help You See How Your Everyday Choices Are Influencing You

A health coach will factor in all aspects of your daily routine to determine how to help you best. It’s not just about diet and exercise.

He wants to know the other things in your life that are playing a role in your struggles with health.

Your coach will be interested in how your career or job affects you. What do you do for relaxation? Do you surround yourself with supportive people? Do you have a spiritual outlet?

Wouldn’t You Love to Have a Health Coach?

You’re probably wondering why you haven’t hired a health coach sooner.

Get started today.

Soon you’ll be telling all your friends about how they can make their lives so much more rewarding — and healthy.

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