21 Jan 2017

What Gym Offers the Best Guest Pass ?

Committing to a membership with a gym is always risky. For one, it’s very easy to lose interest after a time and before you know it you are paying monthly fees for something you barely use. Or even worse would be signing up for a membership only to change your

12 Jan 2017

Swimming Pool Exercises to Help with Weight Loss

Not everyone realizes just how effective swimming pool exercise can be for weight loss. It is one heck of a cardio workout and can burn an incredible number of calories in a short time, not to mention the fact that it uses so many different muscles that you will notice

03 Jan 2017

Weight Loss Should Not Be Rushed

If are looking to lose some weight, you are not alone, thousands of people everyday find themselves wanting to lose those extra pounds. Unfortunately, there is no “magic bullet” that is just going to make them disappear. Let’s face it, all of the pounds didn’t just magically appear overnight, so

4 reasons gym workouts are the best
20 Dec 2016

4 Reasons Why Gym Workouts Are The Best For Starting Fitness

If you’re new to fitness, especially if you’re overweight, then you may find yourself a little too embarrassed to show up at a gym. The environment after all, may be habitat for people who live a lifestyle opposite to yours. You may assume that you’re going to have a hard

5 superfoods
22 Nov 2016


Whether you are dieting to help aid with your weight loss goals or are simply looking to eat healthier foods, adding superfoods into the equation is certainly worthwhile. Not only are the packed with nutritional goodness, but they also taste fantastic and will leave you feeling much better after eating

27 Oct 2016


If you are a newbie at the gym, you are definitely familiar with how it feels to be intimidated by the new environment. It’s ok. It’s completely normal. We want to help out your transition into the gym life so we got you covered with 5 fundamental tips. Let’s get

14 Oct 2016

Know Your Gym! What the Best Gyms All Have to Offer

With so many different gym franchises in the country, it can difficult to work out what each one has to offer. Are there any differences to begin with? Do gyms specialize in particular forms of exercise? These are just a few of the questions gym newbies have likely raised before

dieting mistakes to avoid
06 Oct 2016

Common Diet Mistakes You Should Be Avoiding

Dieting is never easy. As anyone that has ever been on a diet will confirm, there are many pitfalls along the way, and you are more than likely to make a mistake or two. While restricting our intake of calories can be enough to start the weight loss process, its

Best Fitness Classes
24 Sep 2016

Fitness Classes You Should Be Trying At Your Gym

Working out on your own can get tedious from time to time. Heading out with your mates can sound like a much more appealing prospect than hitting the gym all by yourself for a workout that you cannot be bothered with. It is perfectly natural to get bored with your

Dieting Tips
13 Sep 2016

Do and Don’ts of Dieting

Nothing can be more daunting than embarking on a diet. Losing weight is by no means an easy endeavour, although following a healthy diet that restricts the number of calories you consume is one of the best ways to starting losing weight – cutting around 500 calories from your diet