At CKO Kickboxing, clients are inspired and prepared to cut down fat by punching and kicking their way to a 6 pack. Fitness Kickboxing is a vigorous intense cardio exercise that can shed up to 1,200 calories during an hour long class. The CKO kickboxing classes are designed for both keeping fit and learning the skill of Kickboxing. The rise in popularity of Kickboxing as a sport combined with an exercise regimen that is much more entertaining than the regular gym routine, draws a lot of clients from all walks of life to the CKO Kickboxing establishment. To  get a great estimate on CKO kickboxing prices review the price tables below:

Initiation Fee $49.99
1-Month Commitment
Monthly Fee
3-Month Commitment
Monthly Fee
1-Year Commitment
Monthly Fee
Annual Membership$500 - $850
initiation Fee$99.00
Monthly Dues$99 - $195
For Cancellation there is a charge of $199.00 and $399.00 for two adults

What would I be able to expect in my FREE CKO Kickboxing Trial Class?

Their Trial Class are accessible for the first time visitors. In the event that you might want to further your experience by enrolling, you have to follow the schedule of classes for your CKO Boxing location. Prepare on arriving 15-20 minutes before your planned class time. Once enrolled, you will be given an introduction of the punches and kicks you will use all through the class. Their classes are designed in a way so you can “go at your own particular pace” so there is no need to be frightened by the thought of having to perform well. You’ll cherish the CKO experience!

In the event that I join at one area, would I be able to utilize all areas?
The majority of their locations are separately owned. Contingent upon the location, it may allow you to use different rec center for a small fee ranging from $5 to $20.


CKO classes or workout sessions are offered at neighborhood clubs and exercise centers everywhere throughout the nation, with participation charges relying upon the area of the club though very similar. Membership arrangements differ as well from location to location which includes the schedule of classes.

However, generally CKO Kickboxing prices for a month to month basis begin at $69 and can be as high as $139. Usually customers get a better rate for enrolling for longer time frames for example fee for Signing up for 1 month would be approximately $139 but for signing up for 3- months the rate drops down to $99/ month. Further for enrolling for 1 year the monthly price would drop down to approximately $69/ month.


CKO Kickboxing is a name that has gotten to be synonymous with exceptional workout schedules that include genuine some kicking and punching! After all It is supposed to be a Kickboxing Class! All exercises are under close supervision of a fitness professional.
With such energizing kickboxing workouts and methods combined with reasonable cost, CKO welcomes customers from all walks of life and all fitness levels to come and give this work out a try !

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