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While many of today’s fitness centers are fighting to keep their market share of the fitness business, Lifetime Fitness appears to be more interested in putting together an experience that their members are wanting to be a part of.

The Lifetime Fitness centers are starting to pop up in some areas where anchor stores in malls have been closing. These mall operators see the opportunity that this “destination” style fitness experience looks to be a good fit in the mall.

What makes Lifetime Fitness stand out above the rest

[ad type=”square”]While many of the large chain fitness centers throughout the country have seen a resurgence of sorts thanks to the fact that more and more people are trying to get more healthy. Unfortunately, for many of these other fitness centers, they are small and extremely limited in what they can offer to their members.

This why what Lifetime Fitness is so different and in many aspects that much better. The Lifetime Fitness experience is designed to offer its members a full line of services that cover every aspect of life. Whether you are just looking for a place to do your daily workouts, enjoy a few laps in the pool, have a little pampering in the spa center. You can even enjoy a wide range of sports activities that even can include the whole family. There is also focus on nutrition in the Life Cafe where you can get a healthy bite to eat, even if you didn’t feel like working out that day.

Group Classes
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They offer a number of group classes to all of the members who are more interested in working out as a group. These group classes include weight training, yoga, and pilates. They also have a number of indoor cycles and cycling classes.

Training Services

They offer a number of different training services including personal trainers that can help you put together a workout routine. They also have team training, weight loss, and Pilates training that are all designed to give you the best experience.

Sports Activities
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You will find that you can participate in 8 unique sports activities while at Lifetime Fitness, from running, swimming, basketball, tennis, racquetball, squash, outdoor cycling and even climb a rock wall.


The Life spa experience includes hair, nails, massage, and skin treatment services that will help pamper you after a long day at work. The Medispa offers a number of medical treatments that are much more specialized and you will not find these offered at many other fitness centers.

Family Oriented Activities

They also offer members some family and kids oriented services like swimming, camp, kid specific activities and birthday parties. They really believe in the whole family experience and it definitely is helpful these days.

Life Cafe
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The people at Lifetime Fitness realize that nutrition is equally important when it comes to better health and they include a place to get a great tasting, body healthy meal. They also offer healthy juices, smoothies, and shakes. With the emphasis on healthy living.

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