swimming pool exercises for weight loss
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Not everyone realizes just how effective swimming pool exercise can be for weight loss. It is one heck of a cardio workout and can burn an incredible number of calories in a short time, not to mention the fact that it uses so many different muscles that you will notice your body getting toned all over!

Another great aspect of swimming pool exercises for weight loss is the fact that it puts almost no stress on your joints, so it can be a great way for older people and those who are quite heavy to get some cardio exercise without risking injury or suffering any pain.

We get that doing constant lengths at your local pool may not be too appealing, and for some it might just outright difficult to do. So let’s take a look at some workouts in the pool you can do that don’t require any laps at all!

Ab Bicycle

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The ab bicycle burns calories and targets your ab muscles at the same time, helping to get that toned stomach you have been looking for whilst shedding the pounds away!

It couldn’t be easier either, as you do is rest your elbows at pool edge, engage your core, and then start kicking your legs. Try to avoid floating away as this will make your core, shoulders and legs work that bit harder, burning even more calories!

Double Leg Lift

[ad type=”square”]Similar to the ab bicycle in that you rest your elbows on the edge of the pool to begin, expect this time you lower your legs down before attempting to raise them up as high as you can manage. Be sure that both legs are kept straight and closed together as you lift them up and down.

This movement forces your body to work that bit harder to remain in control, ensuring you work your muscles even more so. Plenty of calories will be burned, and your core will receive a nice workout into the bargain.

Flutter Kick

Another one of the swimming pool exercises is the “Flutter Kick”.The flutter kick offers a fantastic workout for the legs, along with the usual calorie burner to help melt away those pounds. It is an easier one to do as well, simply grab onto a paddle or the edge of the pool facing down, and then extend your entire body out straight, keeping your legs just underwater.

Then start kicking away with your legs as if you are swimming normally, but keeping your entire upper body stationary as you do so. Try keeping your legs underwater as you kick them, as it forces you to work them harder and burn more calories.

Ski Jumping

Stand with both feet together and most of your body underwater. Then just start hoping from side to side, just as if you are hitting the slopes when skiing. You can also swing your arms close to the sides of your body as you make the jump, offering that little bit more effort during your movements.

This one is good for burning calories without worrying about the impact the jumping causes on your joints.

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