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[ad type=”msquare”]Committing to a membership with a gym is always risky. For one, it’s very easy to lose interest after a time and before you know it you are paying monthly fees for something you barely use. Or even worse would be signing up for a membership only to change your mind and realise it’s not for you, then you get hit with some crazy cancelation fee that costs more than your actual membership!

These are just a few examples of the problems that can arise from joining a gym without doing your research (or joining on a whim with nothing but good intentions!), so it always pays to do your homework and read the fine print before committing your finances to a gym membership.

Luckily most franchises are eager for new members, so they offer guest passes or free trials to help get you through the door. It’s great for getting a feel for the gym to see if it could be somewhere you would work out long-term, as it allows you to try out various services and facilities, not to mention getting a feel for the atmosphere and the type of staff that work there.

We always encourage people to make the most of these, even if you don’t plan on committing long-term there is not harm in getting a few free gym sessions! Some companies offer better guest passes than others, so here’s some of the best worth taking advantage of!

Anytime Fitness

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Length – Seven Days

Three days is considered a great length for a guest pass, which is why we love the fact Anytime Fitness offers an impressive seven days with their own guest pass. It is simple enough to claim as all you need to do is fill in the online form for your local gym, which should take just a few minutes, and then you will have the guest pass sent out to you shortly!

Gold’s Gym

Length – Seven Days (plus a free class)

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Another weeks’ worth of free gym-time? Sounds good to us! Gold’s Gym is one of the most iconic gym franchise in the country and they have been a staple in the industry for more than 50 decades now.

They have lots to offer in terms of facilities, with some to the best strength training equipment around. Bigger locations also have cool stuff like rock climbing walls and smoothie bars! Simply select a local club and fill in the online form to claim a seven-day VIP pass to Gold’s Gym!

You can also claim a free class pass to any of the numerous classes operated at each club!

Fitness 19

Length – Seven Days

Fitness 19 actually has a great concept for the members, offering month-to-month contracts that are very flexible and come with no long-term contractual obligations such as cancellation fees. It is also a very family-friendly gym franchise that is very welcoming for beginners, so we recommend this one for people looking to try out a gym for the first time.

Just fill in the online form after selecting a Fitness 19 location and you are good to go! It can even be claimed by children, but they must be accompanied by an adult during their visit.

Snap Fitness

Length – 30 days

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Now 30 days seems too good to be true and there is a catch with this one – you do need to pay $8.95 for it. This is an incredibly low fee however and is technically a ‘shipping fee’ that is required to send you out the guest pass.

After signing up and claiming this you get unlimited access for 30 days to all of Snap Fitness’s clubs, which is a pretty great deal. Yeah you will have to pay for it so it isn’t really free, but 30 days unlimited access for that price? It feels like too good a deal to turn down!

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