Best Fitness Classes
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Working out on your own can get tedious from time to time. Heading out with your mates can sound like a much more appealing prospect than hitting the gym all by yourself for a workout that you cannot be bothered with.

It is perfectly natural to get bored with your current workout regime, especially if you are mostly doing it solo, so why not get socialising with your workouts? One of the best and most enjoyable ways to work out with a group of friends is to hit few fitness classes together.

Studies have shown that your workouts could even be more productive when doing it with a group of people, making group classes all the more appealing, even if you are heading there alone. There are likely many different types of classes on at your local fitness center, so what ones are worth trying out?


Yoga classes are nothing new, having been around for decades now, and their continued popularity can be credited to just how great a workout they offer. You can expect many benefits from regular classes, including improved posture, balance, core strength, and flexibility.

Beyond the physical benefits of yoga, it can also help to improve your mood by reducing stress and anxiety, thanks to the slow, deliberate movements and breathing that are similar to meditation. Plus, there are many variations of yoga available, so there will be a good few classes to choose from!


Looking to increase your strength and conditioning with a highly challenging but equally rewarding class? Look no further than those involving kettlebell workouts.

These types of classes have been on the rise for some time now, thanks to their effectiveness and ability to help improve your cardio whilst building muscle. You should be able to find one appropriate to your own level, as both gym newbies and veterans alike are signing up for these intense classes.


Spin classes are rather straightforward – you get a killer cardio workout using stationary bikes, usually by combining intervals of both intense and comfortable paces.

Simply put, you will not get a much better cardio workout in your gym, and because everything hates their cardio duties, why not make more enjoyable than doing it with some other people?

These classes are massively popular so it won’t be difficult to find a class that has a style and pace that suits your own abilities. Invite a friend to really help push each other to the next level!


Your gym may have a few variations of the types of body combat classes on offer, with the most common ones being either boxing or kickboxing. Typically, classes involve combat training routines where you strike a punch bag or do some shadow boxing, providing both aerobic and strength training.

That means blasting away the calories as well as toning up all manner of muscles, not to mention improving your flexibility (especially if throwing those kicks!). Also, nothing can be a better stress reliever than hitting something over and over again!

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