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With so many different gym franchises in the country, it can difficult to work out what each one has to offer. Are there any differences to begin with? Do gyms specialize in particular forms of exercise? These are just a few of the questions gym newbies have likely raised before deciding on which one to sign up with. The best gyms have all their unique ambiance and specialty.

It is true that each company has their own unique characteristics. This helps them to establish and identity, whether it is as a low-cost, no frills gym or a gym that you can access 24 hours a day, as all franchises need to have something unique to offer.

People all have different needs from their gym too, so it’s great that there is so much choice out there as we can find the perfect franchise to suit our fitness goals. We have looked at some of the most popular and best gyms in the country to see just what they could offer you!

Big Box Gym – 24 Hour Fitness

A big box gym refers to a franchise of gyms that tend to be large and open-spaced, usually structured into a box shape. They are packed full of equipment and will have a lot of variety with this and their facilities. These are great all-rounder gyms that will suit most beginners and regular gym-goers.

24 Hour Fitness has more than 400 locations nationwide, and most of them fall into the big box category, with some topping sizes of 100,000 square feet for a single club. You can work out at almost any time as most of them are 24/7 and they are populated with top of the range cardio and strength equipment, not to mentioned the dozens of different classes available.

The Best Classes – Equinox Fitness

As a boutique chain of gyms, equinox fitness is certainly on the high-end scale when it comes to franchises, but this has helped to ensure they have some of the best qualified personal trainers around.

Their staff require basic fitness certifications and are constantly enrolling in further educational courses that helps to expand their knowledge. Their group fitness classes are a fine blend of hard work and lots of fun, forcing you to work your hardest and get better results.

For Building Those Muscles – Gold’s Gym

Not everyone heads to the gym to lose weight – some actually want to gain it in the shape of muscle!

Gold’s Gym is the place to go if you want to sculpt your body anew, as they are second to none with their strength training equipment. There are endless free weights to boot, and the staff here tend to come from a bodybuilding background, making them the perfect people to help you add some muscle mass when you hit the gm.

Plus, they have awesome classes that are great for building muscle and toning up, such as Bod Pump and Body Attack. Many Gold’s Gym locations are massive in size (exceeding 120,000 square feet in their largest locations) and have cool additional facilities such as rock climbing walls and free child care.

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