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[ad type=”msquare”]Not many of us like cardio at the gym. It is just something that takes a lot out of you and can make you regret ever leaving your couch, but it’s a necessary component to a healthy lifestyle and is vital for anyone looking to exercise for weight loss.

Beginners may also feel a little intimidated when they first walk into the gym and see so many different machines that they have no idea how to work. This can make people focus on nothing but the treadmill, which is just going to make them hate cardio even more!

Not only is it more enjoyable for us to change up the machines we are using for our cardio workouts, but by using a mix of different but effective machinery allows us to spend less time on cardio but burn just as many calories.

Here’s the best cardio machines in the gym to help blast those calories away! Be sure to use as many of these as often as you can to make your cardio workouts that bit better!


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The treadmill is perhaps the best cardio machine you can use at the gym as it is one of the simplest to use. It is designed with our movements in mind, so it can maximise the efficiency of our workouts for the best results.

Just hop on the treadmill, hit the start button, and increase the speed if and when you like! Inclines and interval features on treadmills allow for even better cardio workouts, as too does letting go of the handles!

Rowing Machine

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Unlike the treadmill, rowing machines aren’t in all gyms, but they have been getting introduced to more and more each year. This because people are getting wise to the type of cardio exercise that you can get done using one of these bad boys!

Big range movements combined with a full-body workout make it somewhat challenging, but the rewards gained are an incredible cardio workout that blast the calories away! A few ten minute intervals on this can produce one heck of a workout!

Stair Mill

Looking to blast fat and tone your butt to perfection? Then look no further than the stair mill! As the name implies, this machine replicates the motion of walking up a set of stairs, exact these stairs don’t end! (until you decide at least!).

Interval training on this machine will provide an immense cardio workout that burns loads of calories whilst toning muscles throughout the lower body – limit how much you support yourself with the handles though as this can less the impact of the machine.

Airdyne Bike

An airdyne bike offers a more effective cardio workout than a traditional spin bike, so if your gym has some of these machines around be sure to make the most of them. The big fan at the front provides wind resistance the harder you pedal, offering a great progressive cardio workout that is sure to burn plenty of calories.

Try your hand at going all out for short 30 second intervals followed by a minute of rest to see just how effective these machines can be!

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