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A gym membership can often be quite costly, with some charging hundreds of dollars a month, which is far more than many would like to pay. Yet we don’t need to pay a lot for a gym membership – honestly!

The price of a gym membership can depend on many things. One of the most notable would be the amenities and services included in your monthly fee with some gyms offering classes, saunas, and even towel services as part of their package

Yet when combined with things like your start-up fee this can make joining a gym quite expensive -but there are certainly affordable options out there. For one, you will likely need to take out a no frills kind of membership, which is fair enough as we only really need the equipment at the gym to get in shape – the rest are just nice additions! It wise to be always be on a hunt for a gym membership specials because they are always a few running.

Luckily with so many companies out there all vying for your membership, you can find more than a few no-nonsense gyms memberships that won’t break the bank each month with their fees. It is worth mentioning that some of the lower-priced memberships can be harder to cancel without paying a large fee and the location of a gym can impact the overall membership price, so be sure to read the fine print and do a spot of research before singing up!

Let’s take a look at some affordable gym memberships specials.

Planet Fitness

Starting at $10 per month with an annual membership available for $99

While these fees tend to only be available for one-location, it still remains an incredible price for a membership and Planet Fitness as a lot to offer for those looking to get serious about fitness.

For one thing they are very welcoming to beginners and those who rarely go to the gym, but there is also a great amount of equipment on offer too that would please even the most dedicated fitness fan.

With great cardio and weight machines, free weights, and circuit training stations found in all locations, this is great for a very affordable membership that delivers top of the range equipment to help achieve your fitness goals.

 24 Hour Fitness

Starting at $34.99 per month

24 Hour Fitness brings affordable memberships to many locations throughout the nation, with more than 400 currently available in 18 states. Their memberships actually have three clear levels that each include various services and amenities.

The lowest level is a Sports membership, but even that comes with access to facilities such as the pool and sauna (proving your local club has these!) as well as including a few classes such as yoga and aerobics.

Gold’s Gym

Starting at $45 per month (Gold’s Gym Express memberships start at $9.99 per month)

Gold’s Gym is sinuous with the sport of bodybuilding, with the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger training at the iconic Venice Beach location in his earlier years. Now Gold’s Gym has become a staple in the fitness franchise industry, and they have manged to create an affordable gym that has a lot to offer.

The equipment is usually top of the line (although owners can decide on how much to spend, so some locations aren’t as great as others), pools and saunas are included but aren’t found at every club, and you even get few group classes included in the price! A Gym membership Specials when hard to beat !

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