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Are you looking for an aerobic activity to add to your fitness routine?  Are you on the fence about spinning? Discover what this popular workout could mean to you and your fitness goals.

The Benefits of Spin Classes

Maybe you need to be convinced why you should spend a few evenings each week pedaling on a bike that goes nowhere. If so, listen up.  Afterward, you just may be ready to saddle up.

1. Spin Classes are Available When and Where You Are

Rainy days and windy days won’t interfere with spin classes as they do with regular cycling. That’s great, but, of course, that also means that you won’t have as many excuses for skipping a workout.

Spin classes have become a staple of fitness clubs everywhere. The spread of the sport means that there’s a spin class nearby whether you’re in your hometown or on a vacation or a business trip. You don’t have to worry whether you’re in a large city or a small town.

It’s not even challenging to find a spin class while traveling abroad.

Everyone is familiar with a bicycle, and that makes spinning seem inviting to all cultures.

To find your closest cycling class type the phrase “spin classes near me” into Google.

2. Spin Classes Make it Easy to Enjoy Working Out

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Not too many people think of joy when they think of exercise. However, spinning has a way of converting doubters into believers.

Spinning classes are a favorite because those who have tried a workout spread the word. They often talk about an elevated sense of well-being that they experience. Who doesn’t want that?

3. Spin Classes are Adaptable to Fit Your Needs

Sometimes it can be intimidating if you’re a beginner and you see others training as if they’re entering a triathlon. Who knows, they may be. That’s the beauty of spinning — it’s for everyone.

Determine what you want to get out of spinning and don’t obsess over the fact that other people are on a different fitness journey.

For starters, choose a level of class that’s appropriate for you. Surround yourself with likeminded individuals and you all but guarantee that you’ll receive all empathy and support you need.

4. Spin Classes Give You a Better Heart

All that spinning develops a stronger heart that pumps blood more efficiently.

A key component in that blood is oxygen. The body of a person who exercises is better at separating the oxygen from the air in the lungs and putting it into the bloodstream. Then, once the oxygen-rich blood reaches the muscles, the active person’s body is highly efficient at removing the oxygen from the blood for use by the muscles.

In turn, improved blood flow and increased oxygen make it easier for you to achieve your next level of fitness. What’s not to love?

5. Spin Classes Can Help Lower Your Stress

Because spinning requires breath control, you’ll learn to take deeper breaths. Not only will your sports performance improve but your level of stress will drop.

Yes, spinning class relieves stress through physical activity, but it also reduces stress through positive socialization with your classmates.

6. Spin Classes Won’t Punish Your Joints

It’s easy on the body. Some people come to spinning after a lifetime of running. Their feet, ankles and knees can’t take the pounding any longer.

Spinning is a low-impact workout because it places little stress on joints and bones. Therefore, you are less likely to injure yourself. You’ll be able to enjoy a good spin for years to come.

7. Spin Classes Are Parties on Wheels

cycling is a party on wheels
Image via San Diego Mag

If you’ve noticed that you stay far more motivated to exercise if you have workout partners, spinning is definitely for you.

The classes encourage camaraderie rather than competition. Your instructor is there to foster a community spirit among all the participants.

If that doesn’t work, there’s always the nightclub-style lighting and up-tempo music to get you going. Not only will the music give you the impression that time is passing faster, but it’ll also motivate you to push yourself.

8. Spin Classes Are an Excellent Way to Lose Weight

Now we have your attention. It’s estimated that a 135-pound woman spinning for an hour will burn approximately 741 calories an hour.

9. Spin Classes Will Improve Your Muscle Definition

Yes, spin your way to better-looking legs.

Don’t worry about your legs getting that huge muscle-bound look. Instead, with spinning, they’ll take on a more graceful athlete appearance.

Did we mention the abs? Spinning also puts a demand on your midsection, giving you a way to build a stronger abdominal core.

Don’t Spin Your Wheels About Spinning

A spinning class is as close as your nearest gym. Why not take an introductory class and get a feel for the workout?

It’s a friendly atmosphere. There’s no pressure, just fun.

When’s the last time you said that about the gym?

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